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Shaun’s TOP 10 IDFA Highlights of 2019

Shaun’s TOP 10 IDFA Highlights of 2019

#1 – Father and Son both IDFA Pro Bodybuilders

This is a great  story.  Scott MacDonald who was a current IDFA Pro and his son Kyle MacDonald decided to compete together at  IDFA 141: Calgary on November 16.   Scott won the Pro Division and Kyle won the Novice Division.   8 days later Kyle competed in the Open Division at IDFA 142: BC on November 24 where he won the Open Bodybuilding division and earned his IDFA Pro Card.   To my knowledge this is the very first Father and Son IDFA Pros.   Check out the photos of them on  stage together in Calgary and the amazing photo of Scott, his son Kyle, and Kyle’s sons on stage together in North Vancouver, BC at IDFA 142: BC.   That is 3 generations hitting double biceps.  What a moment for them, and for IDFA History.

#2 – Launch of Official IDFA Women’s Logo

At the beginning of 2019 I was proud to launch the Official IDFA Women’s Logo. This is something the women of the IDFA have been asking for and it was my pleasure to deliver.

#3 – Biggest Transformation Challenge Division Yet

At IDFA 143 Universe on December 7 we had a total of 14 participants enter the IDFA Transformation Challenge Division. The division was so large we divided into 2 classes (Over 40 Transformations and Under 40 Transformation). The Transformation Challenge is one of my proudest editions to the IDFA.  The Transformation Challenge division was added in 2007 and has become one of the most popular and fan favourite divisions at our shows.

Transformation Challenge over 40 at IDFA 143: Universe

Transformation Challenge under 40 at IDFA 143: Universe.

#4 – IDFA FIT Family Award

For the very first time we awarded this amazing family the IDFA FIT Family Award at IDFA 139: Montreal on October 5. The family that was the very first recipient was a family of 3 generations that competed on that day in Montreal, QC.   The family consists of Josee (48 years old), her mother Lise (65 years old), her sister  Kathy (46 years old), and her niece Florence (18 years old).  It all started when Josee was approached by her neice Florence about losing some weight and getting into shape.  And from there she got interested in trying a competition and asked Josee if she thought she could do it.   Josee has competed twice before in the IDFA and said “sure, why not.”   Florence and Josee started making plans to compete and thought it would be great to get the whole family involved.   At first Lise (Josee’s mother) was skeptical, thinking she was too old.  But she came around.    All 4 of them went through the journey together and practiced posing together.   This is an adventure they will always cherish.

#5 – Amazing IDFA Comebacks of 2019

Jonathan Marois made his comeback to the IDFA stage after a 3.5 year layoff.  In his last show he took 2nd place and in this show he came to win, and win he did.  He placed 1st in Open Bodybuilding and earned his IDFA Pro Card at IDFA 139: Montreal on October 5.

Pat Troilet also made an amazing comeback to the IDFA stage after a 4 year layoff.  In 2015 he placed 4th in Open Bodybuilding at the 2015 IDFA Universe. This year he trained hard in his garage gym with his son and placed 1st in Open Bodybuilding and earned his IDFA Pro Card at IDFA 143: Universe on December 7.

Interesting Fact from Pat: 2009 was the first time Pat competed on the IDFA stage so the show on December 7 represented a 10 year anniversary for him as an IDFA Athlete.  This show meant a lot to him.  And what a great way to celebrate that!  New IDFA Pro.

#6 – Repeating PRO Universe Champions

3 time Pro Universe Champion (Figure) – Kenesha Stinchcombe

2 time Pro Universe Champion (Bodybuilding) – Matthew McDonald

#7 – IDFA 139: Montreal was the Largest show of 2019

Our largest show of 2019 was IDFA 139: Montreal on October 5 with nearly 100 athletes competing and a packed audience. In a close second was IDFA 143: Universe on December 7 in Mississauga, ON.

#8 – Launch of IDFA Natural Athletes Clothing Store

CLICK on the AD to visit our NEW IDFA NATURAL ATHLETES Clothing Store.  Clothing for IDFA Natural Athletes, Fans, Supporters, and future IDFA competitors. Show off that you have developed your physique NATURALLY!   Use PROMO CODE: IDFA10 to receive a 10% Discount.

#9 – TOP TRAINERS of 2019

TOP TRAINER at IDFA 133: Montreal was Mathieu Baillargeon of Team MB SHRED

TOP TRAINER at IDFA 136: Montreal was Philippe Massicotte of PM Fitness

TOP TRAINER at IDFA 138: Internationals was Alexa Georgas of Alexacise Fitness 

TOP TRAINER at IDFA 139: Montreal was S&K Supplements

TOP TRAINER at IDFA 141: Calgary was Laurie Dickson of Aspire2bFit

TOP TRAINER at IDFA 143: Universe was Steve Oldfield of Steves Fitness Circus

#10 – IDFA Pros who defied the Odds

Deanna Farinacci

Deanna won her IDFA Pro Card in April of 2018.  We never knew how much pain she was feeling in her hips while walking on stage as she had a smile on her face the entire time.  Talk about tough.  She soon after had her hip replaced in October of that same year.  She than began training for the July 2019 show but ran into issues with her hip, her hip healed and she then had double femoral hernia repair surgery on August 20, 2019.  She trained hard following recovery and competed at the IDFA 143: Universe on December 7, 2019 in the Pro Fitness Model Division.

Rob DeLuca

This photo is of Rob on the Pro Stage on October 5 at IDFA 139: Montreal (Amateur & Pro).   This man is an amazing fighter, true champion, natural bodybuilding walking encyclopedia, and legend in the sport.   I will have his story in a future YouTube video.


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