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Basic Weight Training Myths

Basic Weight Training Myths


“I don’t want to get ‘too big’.” & “Women shouldn’t lift weights because they will look like men.”

People don’t suddenly become “huge” from lifting weights.  It takes years of intense training and the proper genetics to become “huge”.  Lifting weights does not make a woman look like a man, male “androgenic” hormones, naturally occurring or otherwise determine that.  Women can, however, develop a shapely and well-proportioned physique by lifting weights.

“Doing ab/stomach exercises will trim unwanted pounds from your waist.”

There is no such thing as spot weight reduction.  Doing abdominal exercises only strengthens the muscle; it doesn’t make fat magically disappear. Too much ab work will only lead to a larger waist.  The only way to trim unwanted pounds from your waist (or any other part of your body) is to expend more calories per day through activity than you consume through food.

“Muscle turns to fat when you stop working out.” & “I want to turn my fat into muscle.”

This is one of the most common myths I hear.  How many times have you heard ‘I want to turn this fat into muscle?’  Muscle and fat are two different types of tissues and can no more turn into one another than wood and glass.  When muscle tissue is not used it will atrophy, or shrink in size. Typically the neglected muscle becomes surrounded by fat, giving the illusion of turning into fat. 

“I want to build long lean muscles.”

I give credit to the “infomercials” for this one.  All muscle is lean, and the length is determined by your bone structure and genetics. 

“I have to workout for hours a day.”

These type of workout routines lead to over training; the body cannot recover sufficiently between workouts for real muscular growth and strength to occur. A good rule of thumb is to have your workout done within an hour.

“Too old to start lifting weights.”

Studies show that people in their seventies and eighties who began a weight training program showed significant gains in muscle size and strength.  Strength training has been referred to as the best anti-aging remedy around. Helps in increasing your bone density.  One of the biggest reasons for injury and lose of mobility is lose of muscle mass and function.  Keep active and challenge your muscles.

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