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Bent-over Bicep Cable Curls

Bent-over Bicep Cable Curls

by Chad ‘Action’ Brandt, IDFA Pro Bodybuilder

Want to develop that great looking bicep peak? You will want to check out the Bent-over Bicep Cable Curls.

Before we get started we need to learn about the time under tension aka tempo for this bicep peak builder.

– We want to eliminate the chest here and keep the focus on the bicep contraction with controlled tempo.
The tempo I want you to use is a 4 1 2 1 (4 down, 1 pause, 2 up, 1 pause).
In this exercise case you will start on the 2 up “concentric”, then contract and squeeze for 1 sec, finishing off with the 4 sec “eccentric” back to start, and a 1 pause. *This last 1 sec pause is very important as I want you to contract your triceps here, getting a great stretch on the bicep. This contract relax will fill the biceps with blood, to then be contracted and squeezed out again on the next rep.

Starting posture:
– low–mid rack cable position
– grasp cables, palms down, elbows point upward
– Bow at the hips *feel like you are stretching your hamstrings with slight knee bend.
– Now protract your shoulders forward so your shoulder blades stay open. This will take the chest out of play.

– To get the best possible contraction, curl the cables so your fists are just under your shoulders. Additionally make sure to not lose your starting posture.

What to do:
– Stay focused on what you are doing.
– Keeping your elbows stable and in one spot will enhance this exercise to its fullest.
– Getting that stretch on the biceps while contracting the triceps really helps in the overall development of the bicep peak, while getting a huge pump.

What NOT to do:
– Do not move your fists inward breaking from your starting position in order to add more weight. This will only lead to less bicep recruitment and more chest and delts. Stay focused and use the proper time under tension tempo to get that nice scream on those biceps.



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