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Cable Bent Over Triceps Extension

Cable Bent Over Triceps Extension

Target Muscle: Triceps

Grasp cable bar from high or middle pulley with a shoulder width overhand grip. Turn body away from pulley apparatus (weight stack behind you) with cable bar above head. Lunge forward with one leg and bend over until torso is parallel (or close to) to the floor. Maintain upper arms parallel to the floor.

Extend arms until elbows are fully extended in front of you. Return and repeat.

Keep the body and upper arms in position throughout the movement. If you canโ€™t then the weight is too heavy. Squeeze and contract triceps at full lockout. This exercise can also be done with a rope attachment. If using a rope separate the hands at the extension of the movement and bring hands slightly together when returning the rope during the bending of the elbows.

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