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Calf Training with Pro Universe Champ Erik Alstrup

Calf Training with Pro Universe Champ Erik Alstrup

I had a sit down with IDFA Pro Universe Champ Erik Alstrup the other day. Actually it was on facebook. It is 2013 after all. He told me that he knew right from the start of bodybuilding that he would need great calves to win.

“I was skinny, but lean when I began. No calves to speak of but realized early on in my bodybuilding career that great legs, including calf development win shows!”
Erik Alstrup, IDFA Pro Universe Champion

Erik has great calves and I was surprised to hear that that wasn’t always the case. We always hear that it is all about genetics. Either you have them or you don’t. Or do we just use that as an excuse to neglect them in the gym.

He told me if you want great calves you have to make them a priority. He trains calves first thing in a workout and with only one other bodypart. He suggests training them twice a week if you are a beginner or you are lacking in that area. Currently Erik trains his calves once per week. I guess he is no longer lacking in that area.

Another tip I squeezed out of Erik was to change workouts regularly, rarely doing the same workout twice, which he believes, maintains and produces consistent gains.

So many bodybuilders lack good lower body development, especially in the calves. Take advantage of that and build them up and you’ll have ‘a leg up on your competition.’

A typical calf workout for Erik looks like this.

Erik’s Guaranteed Calf Growth Workout

6 sets to failure:

You can use any type of calf machine.  Some typical calf exercises he would use: Machine Standing Calf Raise, Seated Calf Raise, or Smith Machine Calf Raise. Choose one.

1 x 50 reps
1 x 40 reps
1 x 30 reps
1 x 20 reps

1 x 10 reps
1 x 10/10/10 reps drop set

Note: Use slow, controlled, full range of motion and choose a weight appropriate for the number of sets to failure.



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