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Chest Training


By Francois Beauregard, IDFA Pro Heavyweight

When it is time to train the chest muscle group, I like to hit all parts of my chest; upper chest, middle chest and lower chest. What I also consider in my workout, is that working chest harder puts more stress on my triceps and front delts, so I have to balance all the other parameters of my training, to avoid overtraining of another muscle group during a high intensity period on a focus muscle group. Here some important points about training that we have to consider:

1. Frequency
2. Duration
3. Volume

Considering those points, I like to vary my training from one training session to another, which allows me to hit my chest differently and put more stress on each training.

Day 1 – week 1 (High Volume)

1. 60 degree incline dumbbell press – 8 to 10 reps
2. Rest 0 seconds
3. 45 degree incline dumbbell press – 8 to 10 reps
4. Rest 20 seconds
5. flat dumbbell press – 8 to 10 reps
6. Rest 120 seconds
7. Repeat steps 1 to 6 three to four times depending of your energy level.

Note: Use an adjustable bench for convenience and quick transition between sets.

Day 2 – week 1 (High intensity)

– allow 3 to 4 day to recover from day 1

1. Bench press – 6 set of 6 reps, rest 120 second between set
2. Dips – 3 set of maximum, rest 60 sec between set

Finally, I really like to work agonist/antagonist muscle groups together (i.e. Chest and back). The reason I do this is:

1. Creates better CNS (Central nervous system) recovery during training
2. Increases strength during training
3. Increases flexibility during training
4. Allows you to increase volume of training in the same duration time

Traing Hard!!!

– END –

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