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Give it 110% for Sexy Abs

Give it 110% for Sexy Abs


Celebrities such as PINK and Gwen Stefani are known for having amazing abs and they are also known for giving it 110%. Have you ever said to yourself that you want a flat stomach like the celebrities? Come on, you know you have. The question is how bad do you want it? Here is a simple ab workout that you can do 3 times a week that WILL give you the toned flat stomach you want and others will envy.

This workout consists of 100 reps and an extra plank hold at the end to make up that 10%… making it the 110% Sexy Abs Workout.

110% Sexy Abs workout

Do 20 reps of each exercise and then finish off with a Plank Hold.

>> Reps: The amount of times you complete a movement or exercise.

20 reps Bicycles
20 reps Toe Touch Crunches
20 reps Scissors
20 reps Reverse Crunches
20 reps Lower Back Extensions
Plank Holds (work up to 60 seconds) << This is your extra 10% so make it count!!!


  • This is a 3 days a week ab workout. For example: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
  • Take a 30 seconds rest between exercises and over time you can decrease the rest time.
  • The main goal is to get through this workout. If you have to take a break during an exercise that is ok. We all start somewhere. Never give up! Remember how bad you want SEXY Abs this Summer!

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