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Guillotine Press

Guillotine Press

Target Muscle: Chest (Pectoralis)

Lie on a flat bench with your feet firmly on the ground. Use a shoulder slightly wider than shoulder width grip. Dismount barbell from rack over the upper chest (an inch or two towards the head from the mid chest). Note: The Guillotine Press is the same as a barbell bench press except the bar is lowered to your neck. This causes the sternal head of the pectoralis major to be recruited strongly, while minimizing secondary muscle involvement.

Lower weight to neck. Upper arms will be perpendicular to torso. Press bar until arms are extended. Repeat for the desired amount of repetitions (reps).

-Upper arm travels in perpendicular path to torso to minimize anterior deltoid involvement.
This exercise can be very dangerous! Use lighter weights and use a spotter!
-Lower the bar slowly and control the weight during the set.

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