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Lat Pulldown

Lat Pulldown (to Front)

Grasp cable bar with an overhand shoulder width or slightly wider grip with a slight bend at the elbows. Sit with thighs under supports.

Pull down cable bar to upper chest. Stick the chest out and shoulders back as the bar is being pulled down. Do not lean back or use momentum. You should be sitting nearly upright during the entire movement with a slight arch in the lower back. Return until arms are almost straight. Repeat.

Never look straight up at the bar. Look forward. Do not straighten the arms at the extended arm position. By not locking them out the tension stays on the back muscles. Try to squeeze your back—envision you’re pulling your elbows toward each other behind your back. Resist the temptation to pull down and lean way back using momentum to get the bar to your upper chest. This will lead to injury and also will not train the back effectively.

Model: Shaun Campbell, IDFA Founder & Pro Natural Bodybuilder

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