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Low-Pulley Cable Crossover

Low-Pulley Cable Crossover

Target Muscle: Chest (Pectoralis)

This exercises primary target is the upper pectoralis major.

Stand between two pulleys position hip height and arms width or slightly wider apart. Grasp D-handle or stirrup attachments, one in each hand. Extend arms out with elbows slightly bent, pointed back and downward slightly. Step forward until cables are taunt or when weights are lifted up slightly. Stand with feet staggered. This is your starting position.

Keeping elbows fixed in slightly bent position, bring D-handle or stirrup attachments together in an upwardly arching hugging motion, until they’re in front of your face. Squeeze your pecs together, then slowly return to the starting position.  Repeat for desired amount of repetitions.

Maintain good form.  Focus on feeling your pecs doing the work.

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