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NROM Db Flys to Close Grip Press

NROM Db Flys to Close Grip Press

by Chad ‘Action’ Brandt, IDFA Pro Bodybuilder

NROM = negative range of motion

The NROM Dumbbell Fly to Close Grip Press combo will gives you the best from both exercises. You get maximal tension on the negative in the fly working the whole pec, plus inward tension on the concentric focusing on the inner pec, front delt and triceps.
Without a doubt your regular Dumbbell (Db) fly exercise will increase and you will have more mind to muscle connection with the Dumbbell and Barbell Close Grip Press.

The tempo I want you to use is a 4 2 2 2 (4 down, 2 pause, 2 up, 2 pause).
In this exercise you will start on the 4sec “eccentric” while transitioning into the close grip press and getting a stretch on the pecs in this position for 2sec. Finish off with the 2sec up “concentric” close grip press and at the top rotate hands squeezing for 2sec while getting back into fly position.

Starting posture:
– 40-45 degree bench (can do any degree to flat bench)
– Db’s in Fly position over shoulders
– Feet wide and pushing slightly back into the bench *explained below

– You want to keep your lower back flat to the bench to keep maximal tension on the priority muscle. Flatten your back to the bench by shortening your abdominal wall and using your feet pushing you back into the bench so there is no space under your back. You will feel the difference!

What to do:
– Stay focused on positioning and using the correct tempo
– Let the Db’s Sit in your hands with medium grip strength
– Get that stretch on the pecs at the bottom while in transition and focus on contracting the inner pecs, front delts and triceps with inner tension on the concentric lift.
– Keep your hands outside your deltoids and let the pecs control the inner contraction

What NOT to do:
– Adding way too much weight and losing the tempo
– Arching your back due to too much weight. This will lose the focus on the priority muscle group.
– Gripping the Db’s so tight the focus is on your forearms
– Touching the Db’s at the top having the hands coming inside the deltoids. Keeping the Db’s outside the deltoids will give you maximal tension; anything that comes closer to your midline is making the exercise easier.

Demo by Chad ‘Action’ Brandt

– END –

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