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One Arm Dumbbell Row

One Arm Dumbbell Row


Model: Monica Winn, IDFA Open Fitness Model & ALLMAX Athlete

If the dumbbell is in the right hand then place the left knee and left hand firmly on the bench. Maintain a flat back. Grasp the dumbbell. Allow the right arm to hang straight down from the body. Reverse for left arm.

Without momentum pull the dumbbell to side (chest area) until upper arm is just beyond horizontal or height of back. Make sure the elbow doesn’t flare out. Keep it tight to the side of your body. Concentrate on pulling the elbow back as far as it can go. Keep the back flat and square to the bench during the entire exercise. Return until arm is extended and shoulder is stretched forward. Repeat. Continue with opposite arm.

“Row it, don’t throw it.” Do not rotate the body when pulling the weight. If you have to jerk or throw the weight up you will not only get less results but you will also risk injury. Keep the ego in check.

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