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One Arm Overhead Dumbbell Extension

One Arm Overhead Dumbbell Extension

Target Muscle: Triceps

Sit on a bench with a low back support. Sit with feet flat on the floor and the lower back firmly against the backrest. Start by holding a dumbbell overhead with the arm fully extended. Note: It is ideal to have a back support especially if you are using heavy weight however you can do this exercise standing with a slight bend in the knees or seated without a back support, just be careful of the low back.

Descend the dumbbell to the middle of the head until the arm is fully stretched. Make sure you keep you upper arm stationary with the elbow pointing to the ceiling during the entire motion. Return to full extension overhead and repeat. Continue with opposite arm.

Squeeze the tricep muscle at the top for maximum contraction. Back support should not be so high that it interferes with dumbbell being completely lowered (i.e. full range of motion).

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