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Seated Cable Row

Seated Cable Row

Sit on platform with knees bent and low back slightly arched, grasp cable attachment with a slight bend at the elbows. Sit with back straight up.

Pull cable attachment to lower rip cage while straightening lower back. Pull shoulders back and push chest forward during contraction. Return until arms are almost extended (not locked out), shoulders are stretched forward, and lower back is flexed forward. Make sure to use a controlled movement and DO NOT lean back and use momentum. Repeat.

Do not straighten the arms at the extended arm position. By not locking them out the tension stays on the back muscles. Do not pause or bounce at bottom of lift. Do not lower weight beyond a mild stretch. Full range of motion through the lower back will vary from person to person. By keeping the knees slightly bent you will minimize the stress placed on the lower back. Keep the elbows close to the body during this movement.

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