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Side Plank Hold

Side Plank Hold

Target: Emphasis on the Obliques

Lie on your left side with your shoulder directly above your elbow and your right leg above the left leg. Look straight ahead. Prop yourself up, resting the right arm by your hip. With your forearm and ankle in contact with the floor, lift your hips creating a straight line from ankles, hips, and shoulder.

Keep your abdominals, low back muscles, shoulder, arm and lower body muscles tight throughout the duration of the exercise. Repeat with other side once desired time is completed on this side.

Do not roll forward or backward. Keep the shoulder directly above the elbow.
Do not hold your breath. Breathe as naturally as you can while holding the Side Plank position. Look straight ahead and keep the head aligned with the spine. The exercise should be stopped before technique breaks down. Focus on quality over quantity!

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