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Smith Machine Seated Calf Raise

Smith Machine Seated Calf Raise

Target: Soleus

Position the bar slightly higher than lower leg height. Wrap a bar pad around center of bar. Place calf block under bar and bench near bar. Sit on bench facing bar and place toes on lower portion of platform with heels extending off. Grasp bar to sides and extend ankles to raise knees so lower thighs are under padded bar. Push heels further up and dismount bar.

Lower the heels by bending ankles until calves are stretched. Raise heels by extending ankles as high as possible. Repeat.

Safety stops can be used to support bar at lowest position, particularly if it is difficult to rack bar to original height. If possible, adjust height of bench or calf block so thigh is close to horizontal. This exercise is used in place of a standard seated calve raise machine.

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