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Unilateral Lying Plate Hamstring Tuck

Unilateral Lying Plate Hamstring Tuck

Model: Carrie Misener, IDFA Figure Athlete

Target Muscle: Hamstrings

Lie faceup on the floor while holding something stationary to anchor yourself. Left leg is pointing straight up, with your right leg straight and right heel on a plate. This is your starting postion.

Pull your right heel towards your butt by bending your right knee. Engage your abs and fire your glutes to raise your hips. Slowly straighten your right leg back out in front of you (back to the starting position). Continue for the prescribed number of repetitions (reps) with your right leg then switch legs and repeat.

Do not let your hips drop as you bend your knee. This exercise can also be done with both legs at a time, see Lying Plate Hamstring Tuck.

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