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IDFA Rules & Regulations: Bodybuilding

Athlete Attire

Posing Suit

1-piece posing suit. Please choose a quality-made suit appropriate for onstage competition. The posing suit will cover a minimum of half of the gluteus maximus and all of the frontal area. No G-strings, thongs etc.

Posing suit must be in good taste and the IDFA must approve suit prior to competition.

All competitors will wear posing attire, as stated above, for both the Judging round and Presentation & Awards round.


Only small earrings and wedding rings permitted.

Note: All suits will be checked at Athlete Registration / Check-in.

Divisions and Classes

Men’s Novice Bodybuilding

  • Men’s Novice (classes to be announced after weigh in at registration)

If more than 8 competitors, there will be 2 classes. The classes will be divided up evenly and fairly based on weight.

Men’s Open Bodybuilding

  • Lightweight (155lbs and under)
  • Middleweight (over 155lbs to 175lbs)
  • Heavyweight (over 175lbs)

Classes subject to change based on the number of competitors.

Men’s Masters Bodybuilding

  • Masters (40 years old and over)

 Men’s Pro Bodybuilding

  • Men’s Pro Bodybuilding – Lightweight (160lbs and under)
  • Men’s Pro Bodybuilding – Heavyweight (over 160lbs)

All IDFA competitors must be at least 18 years of age.


  • Masters can crossover to Open or Novice

Novice Eligibility

  1. Competitor has not placed in the top 3 in an Open Division in another organization.
  2. Competitor has not placed top 3 in the Novice division in an IDFA sanctioned event.

Open Eligibility

  1. Competitor has placed top 3 in the Novice division in an IDFA sanctioned event.
  2. Competitor has placed top 3 in the Open Division in another organization.

Pro Eligibility

  1. Competitor holds a current IDFA Pro Card in the Pro Division they are entering.
  2. Competitor has earned Pro Status in a natural organization in the U.S.A. and has been granted permission by the IDFA. Please contact the IDFA at to verify that the IDFA recognizes your Pro Status.

Judging Criteria

Judges will be basing their decisions on the following criteria:

  • Muscularity – full muscle development of all muscle groups
  • Definition – degree of muscularity brought about by the absence of subcutaneous body fat
  • Proportion – equal development between all muscle groups
  • Symmetry – equal development of muscularity on both right and left sides of the physique
  • Stage Presence – posing performance, skin tone, overall presentation

The best physique on stage may not win if it is not displayed properly. Each competitor should practice the mandatory poses to ensure they are executed properly. Posing will count as part of your score.


IDFA Mandatory Poses

Bodybuilding - Mandatory Poses

Judging round

For each class, competitors are brought out as a group in numerical order and lined up facing the front standing in relaxed pose. They are then asked to do quarter turns to the right and execute a series of mandatory poses, which will be directed by the Head Judge.


The Quarter Turns and Mandatory Poses will be called in this order:

Facing Forward

  • Front Double Biceps
  • Front Lat Spread

Quarter turn to your right*

  • Side Chest Pose
  • Side Triceps Pose

Quarter turn to your right*

  • Rear Double Biceps
  • Rear Lat Spread

Quarter turn to your right*

  • Side Chest Pose
  • Side Triceps Pose

Quarter turn to your right*

  • Abdominal and Thigh Pose
  • Most Muscular Pose – your choice of Crab Most Muscular or Hands on Hips Most Muscular

*NOTE: For the Quarter Turns, both feet must be flat on floor (see photos above).

Presentation & Awards round: AMATEUR (Novice, Open, Masters)

All amateur competitors in each class will be introduced and will perform the Free Posing Round at the Presentation & Awards round.

Free Posing Round

The competitor will proceed to the front center of the stage where they will perform a few of their favourite poses to background music. This is the competitor’s time to display their physique to the audience and judges.

Note: The free posing round will last for approximately 30 seconds for each competitor. The competitor should be able to perform about 4 – 6 poses in this amount of time.


We will supply the background music for the free posing round at the Presentation & Awards round.

Overall Comparisons

If the division has more than one class the winners of each class will be compared in the same fashion as Judging round to determine the overall winner.

No Props or Costumes Allowed

The use of props or costumes during Judging round and the Presentation & Awards round is strictly prohibited.


Top 3 will receive sculptured trophies with 4th and 5th receiving medallions.

Presentation & Awards round: PRO

All PRO competitors will perform their Posing Routine.

Posing Routine and Music

PRO Posing routines will be 60 seconds (maximum). Competitors must bring a high quality CD with ONLY their posing music on it. The competitor’s name must be clearly marked on the CD itself as well as on the CD Jewel Case. Competitor must ensure that a second CD is brought as a backup. Music must not contain inappropriate, lewd or offensive language.

There are no mandatory poses that must be completed during the Presentation & Awards round posing routine. This is the competitor’s time to show off their physique in the best light to the judges and the audience. The competitor should use poses that best compliment their physique and pick a song they enjoy. The Judging is where the scoring mainly takes place however if there is a tie the presentation & awards show will help the judges decide the tiebreaker. Competitors must wear posing attire as stated above for the Presentation & Awards round.

No Props or Costumes Allowed

The use of props or costumes during Judging round and the Presentation & Awards round is strictly prohibited.


Top 10 will receive sculptured trophies. Cash prizes may be awarded in the Pro Divisions and will be clearly stated prior to the event.

For information on how to register, click please see our Entry Form and Registration Information section.

For information on drug testing, please see our IDFA Drug Testing section.

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