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Holly McGarr


Name: Holly McGarr
Born: 1993
IDFA Pro since: 2013
IDFA Competitor since: 2013
Years Training: 5 +
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 128 lbs
Competition Weight: 121 lbs
Hometown: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Favourite Workout: Legs
Favourite Body Part: Shoulders


Growing up, I competed as a Laser Radial Sailor, which is the women’s single-handed Olympic class boat (sailed by yourself). It can be a powerful boat and you need to have a lot of strength and size to keep it controlled, so I began lifting weights at the gym. I loved everything about training, and by the time I was 17 I was a certified personal trainer. I’m very goal driven and competitive, so when I stopped sailing I knew I needed another sport to put my energy towards. In the Fall of 2012 I decided to train for my first IDFA show, the IDFA Montreal Classic. Six months later I hit the stage as a Novice Fitness Model and took home third place. After that amazing experience I was hooked! I kept training and competed in the Open Fitness Model at the IDFA National Capital Classic just a few months later and won first place, as well as my IDFA Pro Card. Right now I am working on improving my physique to hit the stage as an IDFA Pro, as well as helping others reach their goals through Holly McGarr Fitness.

Holly McGarr Pro2

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