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Jason Ste.Marie


Name: Jason Ste.Marie
IDFA Pro since: 2009
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 150 lbs
Competition Weight: 130 lbs
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta


Jason Ste. Marie has been a Natural Bodybuilder his entire life and started weight training when he was 13 years old. He began weight training in his parents basement so he could look like a guy on the cover of Iron Man (Conan) and then continued to train for hockey when he moved to Swift Current, Saskatchewan to play in the WHL. He competed in his 1st bodybuilding competition with WNSO in 2003 and not only won but was hooked. He has competed in 13 competitions since in the ABBA, CBBF, IFBB, INBF, IDFA, Musclemania and the NPC. He has always placed 1st or 2nd and has one 3rd placing from the Arnold Amateur in Cleveland, Ohio in 2009 where he got food poisoning but got to meet his idol, Arnold Schwarzeneggar. He has won 1st in the Canadian Nationals in 2007 and won the overalls twice in his career. The first time was at the Southern Alberta Championships in 2007 as a bantam weight and once again to win his IDFA Pro Card and overalls at the IDFA Calgary Classic in 2009, this time as a light weight. He is the 1st ever light weight competitor to win the overall and IDFA Pro Card and his wife also was the 1st ever IDFA Fitness Model to win a Pro Card and they won it at the same show!

Jason holds a BSc. in Human Science with a major in Nutrition from AU, a Food and Nutrition Management diploma from SAIT, is a registered RMT and has a diploma in Fitness Management from Mount Royal College. He trains athletes only for competition in bodybuilding, figure, fitness, fitness model and bikini model. Professionally he works as a Nutrition consultant for two supplement companies; Vega and Ascenta. He truly lives the healthy lifestyle and is very blessed to have an amazing wife that supports him and enjoys spending time and working out together! They also love to travel!

Jason is the head judge for the IDFA in Calgary, Alberta and has judged for other federations.

PRO Contests:

2nd – 2012 IDFA International PRO Championships – Pro Bodybuilding Lightweight

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VIDEO footage from the 2012 IDFA International PRO Championships (PRO BODYBUILDING – LIGHTWEIGHT):

Jason’s Favourite Stage Photo

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Jason Ste.Marie


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