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IDFA Pro Athletes

We will be adding more IDFA Pros to the list on a regular basis. There are over 100 IDFA Pros. Check back often!

George Garcia

George won his IDFA Pro Card at the 2012 IDFA World Championships & Pro Universe. George will be making his PRO Debut at the 2013 IDFA International Championships (Amateur & Pro) on July 20 in PRO BODYBUILDING – LIGHTWEIGHT.  The PROS […]

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Edith Werbel

Edith is a former international fashion model hailing from Australia and the Philippines. She decided to get truly fit and healthy three years ago when she became a...

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Nkechi Nwafor-Robinson

Nkechi is an accomplished I.T Executive. While her career keeps her sufficiently busy, she has committed herself to maintaining an active lifestyle outside the Corporate world! Her athletics...

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Lorie Bernardo

Being active has been a part of my life for sometime although my decision to train for fitness competitions has taken being active to another level.  After giving...

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Erik Alstrup

Erik has been involved in athletics for the majority of my life. He enjoys running, golf, travelling and all aspects of weight training and nutrition. He is committed...

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Chad “Action” Brandt

Chad became inspired about bodybuilding when he was in his teenage years when he saw Frank Zane in various fitness magazines. After completing his post secondary education and...

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Simon Proteau

I first started competing as a fitness model in 2009 and but this was not my bag. I've always been Natural and I felt like The IDFA was...

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Robin Clay

I have always been into fitness either playing team sports or working out. I decided to really train hard about 3 years ago. I started competing in April...

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Cameron Hacault

After a close call with death in 2009 I reconsidered life and how I would live it. Attaining an excellent physique had been a dream of mine since...

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Rob Grano

I have been involved in fitness all my life that led into natural bodybuilding in 1984. With guidance from my cousin and fellow IDFA Pro Franco Pantano I...

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