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Robin Clay


Name: Robin Clay
Born: 1968
IDFA Pro since: 2010
IDFA Competitor since: 2010
Years Training: 3
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 118 lbs
Competition Weight: 110 lbs
Hometown: Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Favourite Workout: Shoulders and Back
Favourite Body Part: Shoulders and Back


I have always been into fitness either playing team sports or working out. I decided to really train hard about 3 years ago. I started competing in April of 2010 in an organization that was not ALL NATURAL or Drug Tested, I placed 2nd in Masters but that drove me to want more . I was a single mom with 2 teenagers that had ended an unhealthy relationship and competing gave me my self esteem and drive back. I heard about IDFA and was happy to compete in an ALL NATURAL TESTED EVENT ! My first time on stage with IDFA was in May 2010 at the IDFA Novice Classic in Toronto. I won 1st in Novice Short and went on to win the Overall at that show.

Since then I competed in Montreal in July at the 2010 IDFA Montreal Classic and placed 1st in Masters and 2nd in my first Open competition. One week later at the 2010 IDFA International Championships I placed 1st in Masters Short, won Overall Masters, 1st in Open Short and also achieved my Pro Card, and I was extremely happy and satisfied with my accomplishments.

Since then I have taken 2 years off to become a Paramedic and worked hard to provide a better life for my kids. I am now happy to be in competition mode again and excited to see what competing will bring me this time around.

Shaun and the IDFA team are a wonderful group and organization and I enjoy competing with them very much, I support ALL NATURAL  all the way!

Robin Clay
Barrie, Ontario

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Robin Clay

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