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Simon Proteau


Name: Simon Proteau
Born: 1968
IDFA Pro since: 2012
IDFA Competitor since: 2011
Years Training: 27
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 215 lbs
Competition Weight: 195 lbs
Hometown: Sainte-Ann-des-lacs, Quebec, Canada
Favourite Workout: Chest
Favourite Body Part: Back


I first started competing as a fitness model in 2009 and but this was not my bag. I’ve always been Natural and I felt like The IDFA was the way to compete for me.  So in 2011 I competed as a Novice in IDFA Montreal Classic then Open in Gatineau, QC and Toronto, ON. The results were identical in all three contests, 1st in the masters division and 2nd in the Novice division and 2nd in the Open Division.  From there, my trainer and friend Jean-Jacques Barett and I agreed on a different strategedy to improve my weaknesses and I came back at the IDFA Eastern Canada Classic in Montreal on Oct.6, 2012 earning my IDFA PRO card.

My next PRO show will be the 2013 IDFA International Championships on July 20 in Mississauga, ON.  I will be in the PRO BODYBUILDING HEAVYWEIGHT Class.   Come cheer me on!!!


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Simon Proteau


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