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Soheila Foghani


Name: Soheila Foghani
Born: 1973
IDFA Pro since: 2013
IDFA Competitor since: 2012
Years Training: 5
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 118 lbs
Competition Weight: 112 lbs
Hometown: Laval, Quebec
Favourite Workout: Back and Shoulders
Favourite Body Part: Back and Shoulders


My interest in fitness started when I was 15 years old to the point that my 18th birthday gift was a gym membership for a year. That’s when it all started!!

In 2007, following the birth of my 2nd child I started training more intensely since it wasn’t just to stay fit, it was to lose 20 lbs. of pregnancy weight.

It’s an ongoing challenge balancing work, training and motherhood. But once I was able to fit in 5 training sessions a week, and saw the results,  I started thinking about competing.

With a bit of research, a lot of discipline and the confidence fueled by my trainer, I began to prepare for the 2012 IDFA Montreal Classic (competing in Novice Fitness Model). Finishing 2nd gave me the motivation to go further.

The next step was the 2013 IDFA Montreal Classic (Open Fitness Model) where I finished first (1st) and earned my IDFA Pro Card.

What’s most amazing is that my IDFA competition results have inspired countless people in my surroundings, helping them find the motivation to eat well, exercise and have a healthier lifestyle.


July 2013 – IDFA International Pro Championships – 2nd (PRO Fitness Model Division)
March 2013 – IDFA Montreal Classic – 1st (open fitness model) and Earned IDFA Pro Card
March 2012 – IDFA Montreal Classic – 2nd (fitness model)

Soheila Foghani PRO 2

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