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Athlete Attire

Posing Suit

A 2-piece bikini style suit will be worn for both the Judging round and Presentation & Awards round. Please choose a quality-made suit appropriate for onstage competition. No G-strings, thongs, bottoms that are too low in the front or back etc. Posing suit must be in good taste and the IDFA must approve suit prior to competition. Pro cut bikinis are allowed. Competitors may wear an off the rack bikini in good taste.  Note: You must have the appropriate posing suit for the division you are entered in.


Small earrings, bracelets and wedding rings area permitted. (Your jewellery should not overpower, or take attention away, from your physique.)


Clear heels are worn for both rounds. Can either be slip-on style (as shown in image below) or with straps. Heel no higher than 5″. Sole no higher than 1.5″. No platform heels.

Divisions & Classes

Novice Bikini

  • Novice Bikini

Open Bikini

  • Open Bikini

Masters Bikini

  • Masters 40+ (40 years of age and older)
  • Masters 50+ (50 years of age and older)

Pro Bikini

  • Women’s Pro Bikini (one class)

All IDFA competitors must be at least 18 years of age.


  • Masters can crossover to Open and / or Novice
  • Masters 50+ can crossover to Masters 40+
  • Novice can crossover to Open

Novice Eligibility

  1. Competitor has not placed in the top 3 in an Open Division in another organization.
  2. Competitor has not placed top 3 in the Novice division in an IDFA sanctioned event.

Open Eligibility

  1. Competitor has placed top 3 in the Novice division in an IDFA sanctioned event.
  2. Competitor has placed top 3 in the Open Division in another organization.

Pro Eligibility

  1. Competitor holds a current IDFA Pro Card in the Pro Division they are entering.
  2. Competitor has earned Pro Status in a natural organization in the U.S.A. and has been granted permission by the IDFA. Please contact the IDFA at to verify that the IDFA recognizes your Pro Status.

Judging Criteria

Judges will be basing their decisions on the following criteria:

Stage Presence

  • Photogenic quality
  • Execution of quarter turns and transitions
  • Confidence
  • Skin tone, make-up, suit selection
  • Overall poise and presentation

Symmetry and Proportion

  • No body part should stand out from the rest
  • There should be an even flow through the body
  • Equal development between all muscle groups

Muscular Development

  • Toned feminine physique

IDFA Bikini Poses


Submitted Competitor Photos and Videos will be compared against the Photos and Videos of the other competitors in your class. Official IDFA Judges will be individually and privately going over all of the competitor Photos and Videos and comparing them and ranking them from 1st place to the final placing and submitting them to the IDFA as their official placings just as we do at our Live Competitions. All competitors will be placed.


We will need a photo of each mandatory pose. We will also need a VIDEO of you performing all the mandatory poses.

For the Photos and Video make sure we see your entire body from the bottom of your foot to the top of your head. You can not edit or use filters on the Photos and Video. For the Video, if you are using your phone, hold it upright (or vertically). We will be putting together a Contest Coverage and Results video for every online competition.

To validate the date we will need one photo of you holding a piece of paper with the code word on it. We will be emailing the code word out to all the athletes late the evening before the online competition.

Send your Photos and Videos submissions to  We can also use sending files sites such as DropBox, Wetransfer, etc.  If you prefer another method for sending Photos and Videos please email Shaun at  The main file sharing programs we use are Dropbox and WeTransfer.

If you have any questions please message Shaun at


Top 3 will receive Large IDFA Custom Medallions with 4th and 5th receiving smaller size IDFA Custom medallions. We will be awarding medallions for 6th to the final placing. Everyone will receive a medallion.

All Awards will be shipped out to the mailing address the competitor provides. The Awards will be shipped out right after all the Placings are announced.

For information on how to register, Go to homepage and click on the event you wish to compete in. The entry form for that event will be there.

For information on drug testing, please see our IDFA Drug Testing section.

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