5 secrets of a Pro Bodybuilder

5 secrets of a Pro Bodybuilder

by IDFA Pro Emmanuel Boisvert

I am Emmanuel Boisvert and I recently achieved my goal of winning my IDFA Pro Card.  Here are some of my secrets which helped me become a Pro Natural Bodybuilder at the 2013 IDFA Montreal Classic on March 30th 2013.

1) Posing from the ground up :
Practice posing till you can’t bear looking yourself in the mirror anymore and then pose some more without a mirror. This is crucial for two reasons. First knowing your mandatory poses will ensure that you present your body the proper way while hiding your weak areas and attracting the judges’ attention to your strong body parts. Second you don’t want to be the person who is shaking uncontrollably which makes you look unprepared and distract the judges’ attention from your physique. Finally a tip when posing always think about first contracting your quads on *every* poses and then posing the upper body otherwise the judges won’t see you legs’ definition and the pose will look floppy.

2) Seek out knowledgeable coach or trainer :
If you’re going to compete in this sport and want to achieve higher goals then just stepping on stage you will need the guidance of a highly knowledgeable coach who will walk you through every aspect of the competition preparation which includes weight training, cardio training, nutrition protocols, supplementation protocols as well as the posing routine. You might need to hire more than one coach in some case to have the proper guidance for every aspect of your preparation this will save you a lot of time and effort taking all the guess work out of your hands.

3) Surround yourself with a great support system:
It is of my opinion that Bodybuilding is far more a mental game then a physical sport. Chances are if you train with any Pro Athlete you will reach mental failure way before muscle failure. This is particularly true when dialing in the very few weeks before a show where your level of exhaustion is at its peak. Therefore having close friends, family members or a loved one that can support and encourage you throughout your journey will make a world of difference on your attitude, mental strength and your ability to keep pushing harder as you’re getting mentally drained.

4) Rest and Recovery for better results :
When it comes to training for a competition two things comes to mind intensity and frequency. Fact is you will be taxing your body like never before so lack of sleep and poor recovery will stump your progress very rapidly as your body becomes deficient in essentials nutrients. Avoid injury and promote quick recovery by doing yoga, sleeping enough, getting massages and physical therapy this will allow you to push yourself harder and longer in the gym and eventually deliver an elite level body on stage.

5) Do not skimp on the finishing touch ups:
Now it wouldn’t make any sense if someone would go through all the trouble of finding and buying the most exotic car ever but then cheap out on the body paint job doing it by hand to save a few bucks. Well it’s the same principle with your body you have invested so much time, efforts, money and sacrificed so much to get the body you could only dream of so why would you present it to the world with a botched up spray tan. Be proud of your accomplishments and present it with pride, a professional spray tanning will do just that for you.


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