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Model: Shaun Campbell, IDFA Founder & Pro Natural Bodybuilder

Target: Rectus Abdominis (Upper and Lower) and Obliques

Lay flat on your back as if doing a crunch. Lift your legs up with the upper leg being parallel to the floor but not resting on it.

Start the exercise just like a normal crunch whereby you lift your upper shoulders off the floor but in a twisting motion. Perform a “one shoulder at a time” crunch and in a bicycle fashion, bring the left knee and your right shoulder off the floor towards the center of your body. Next repetition, switch your crunch so that your left shoulder and your right knee come closer together.

Exhale as you twist up and inhale as you return. Remember to slowly but deliberately lift your shoulder off the floor and focus on the abdominal muscle doing the work. Don’t aim to get your shoulder off the ground as much as possible but to feel the abdominal contraction. Do not tuck your chin to your chest when crunching up sideways. This exercise also requires a lot of coordination so hang in there.

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