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What Fuels Your Sense of Purpose?

What Fuels Your Sense of Purpose?

by Nkechi Nwafor-Robinson, IDFA Pro

Ever asked yourself what fuels your daily sense of purpose? Is it cliché phrases like “reach for the stars”, “the sky’s the limit”, and others of the like? Or is it simply about how you feel about yourself, your convictions, and just the raw need to get the best out of yourself on a daily basis?

Having a clear sense of purpose should make you more committed to how you handle all aspects of your day to day life. It should drive your discipline and help you achieve any goal that at times might seem virtually impossible.

Don’t tire when you are met with the impossible challenge. Instead, embrace it and face it. There are no paths without obstacles. In fact, my Mom once told me, “show me a path with no obstacles, and I’ll show you a path that leads to nowhere”. So obstacles will arise as we strive to reach our goals, it is how you handle them that will determine the outcome. As you walk along your path of life, and come across a door with no handle, and can’t turn back, close your eyes and start to feel for that ‘breeze’. You will find it, and that is where you break through and continue along your way.

We truly are the creators of our own lives. Maximize your fullest potential. Feel your brilliance and appreciate all of your blessings. I’m always telling my family and friends, that for all of us living here in North America, we are truly fortunate, and our alternatives could be a whole lot worse off.

From here on forth, if you are not doing so already, wake each morning and determine what will FUEL your PURPOSE for that day. Let that guide your actions, and leave you feeling accomplished at days end!!

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