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Transformation Challenge

IDFA Transformation Challenge

Every IDFA Competition offers the IDFA Transformation Challenge.

For information on how to register, Go to homepage and click on the competition you wish to compete in.  The entry form for that competition will be there.


BEFORE PHOTO (jpeg format)
-There is no time frame for the Before Photo. Just send in a photo that best represents your overall Transformation journey.

300 Word Story (in a Word Document or sent in the body of your email)

>> Send these requirements (Before Photo and 300 Word Story) to


We will read your 300 Word Story and at that time your BEFORE PHOTO will be on the big screen. After your story is read we will introduce you on to the stage. You are the AFTER.

When you come on to stage as the AFTER you will have your time on stage to present your self to the audience and judges. Have fun with it. This is your moment to show off all of your Hard Work! Most athletes (women) do a T-walk similar to that in the other divisions.   And the men typically come out and do some poses for the audience.  Don’t rush your time on stage.  Enjoy every second of it!

NOTE: Typically we open the show with the Transformation Challenge Division.


A bikini style suit of your choice, or a typical bikini or posing suit used in the other divisions.

NOTE: For this division we are very flexible to the type and coverage of the bikini or posing suit you choose to wear. However the suit must be tasteful and cover at least 40% of the glutes.

A bodybuilding posing suit, swim trunks, or board shorts are the desired attire.


Top 3 will receive Large IDFA Custom Medallions with 4th and 5th receiving smaller size IDFA Custom medallions.

Congratulations on your Transformation!

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