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2012 IDFA Novice Classic – Write-up, Results and Photos

2012 IDFA Novice Classic – aka ‘Mother’s Day’ Classic

The IDFA Novice Classic held at the Meadowvale Theatre on May 13 featured many up-and-coming IDFA Athletes and many jaw dropping transformation stories.   This show is always a fan favourite and one of the most inspiring and motivating shows of the year!

Our Gold Sponsor, ALLMAX Nutrition, and the Event Sponsor, POPEYE’S, showed their support of these great natural athletes with many giveaways.

First up was the IDFA Transformation Challenge with 11 participants and over 500 lbs lost.  Wow these stories were inspiring!  You should have seen the shocking before & afters.   As host Anthony Regan said, ‘They were all winners… and forgive me if I get chocked up while reading their stories.’   Although they are all winners, a winner was selected and the judges went with Diane Lester of Aylmer, Ontario.  Diane is a wife and mother who was diagnosed with a heart condition in 2011 and said ‘enough is enough’.   Not only did she lose over 50 lbs she took control of her life & health and is a true example that ‘It is never too late to make that change.’

Next to the stage were the Novice Fitness Models.  With 17 athletes competing the division was divided into 2 classes – Short (5’4” and under) and Tall (over 5’4”).  The winner of the Novice Fitness Model Short Class was Julie White of Whitby, Ontario.  There was only a one point difference between Julie and the runner-up Karyne Deschesnes of Sherbrooke, QC.   The winner of the Novice Fitness Model Tall Class was Denise Marler of Oakville, Ontario.  Denise went on to win the Overall Title by edging out Julie, the Short Class winner.

The Novice Bodybuilders were next to step onstage.   The Novice Bodybuilding Division was divided evenly into 3 weight classes – lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight.  The Lightweight Class winner was Salvius Lau of Mississauga, Ontario, the winner of the Middleweight Class was Hugo Fernandes of Toronto, Ontario, and winning the Heavyweight Class was Marcus Laquie of Brampton, Ontario.   Now it was time for the comparisons to determine the Overall Novice Bodybuilding Champion.   Hugo took the overall title with his great symmetry, posing, and conditioning.     

Finishing up the afternoon was the Novice Figure Division.  With 19 athletes competing the division was divided into 2 classes – Short (5’4” and under) and Tall (over 5’4”).   The winner of the Short Class was Kimberly Begley of Toronto, Ontario, and winning the Tall Class was Sally Forse of Newmarket, Ontario.   Kimberley and Sally then went pose for pose to determine the Overall Winner.   After the quarter turns were done the judges announced Sally as the Overall Figure Champion.

What a great way to spend Mother’s Day!

The IDFA continues to lead the way in Natural Bodybuilding, Fitness Model, and Figure and has been doing so since 2005.  Visit for more information.

2012 IDFA Novice Classic Unofficial Results*
*Results will become official once all drug testing has been validated.

IDFA Transformation Challenge

Winner – Diane Lester (Aylmer, ON) – $250.00 Cash Prize

Participants: Deme Hachem (Newmarket, ON), Denise Marler (Oakville, ON), Diane Lester (Aylmer, ON), James Cussen (Oakville, ON), Kimberly Begley (Toronto, ON), Kristen Adamson (Etobicoke, ON), Michelle Reichart (Barrie, ON), Pamela Drummond (Dundas, ON), Rachel Duguay (Kingston, ON), Sally Candelora (Barrie, ON), and Tracy Johnson (Brampton, ON)

Women’s Novice Fitness Model – Short                 Score*

  1. Julie White (Whitby, ON)                        5
  2. Karyne Deschênes (Sherbrooke, QC)               6
  3. Tina Childs (Tupperville, ON)                   7
  4. Laura Brown (Toronto, ON)                       13
  5. Rebecca Peach (Kingston, ON)                    15
  6. Barbie Pennington (Toronto, ON)                 17
  7. Cathy Chadgimichaelidis (Etobicoke, ON)         21
  8. Amanda Beaudin (Hamilton, ON)                   23

See the Amazing Before and After Photos (on facebook)

Women’s Novice Fitness Model – Tall

  1. Denise Marler (Oakville, ON)                    3   OVERALL Winner
  2. Kristen Adamson (Etobicoke, ON)                  9   3 way tie-breaker
  3. Donna Petheram (Simcoe, ON)                      9
  4. Deme Hachem (Newmarket, ON)                      9
  5. Ivana Zdrchany (Toronto, ON)                     14
  6. Diane Lester (Aylmer, ON)                        17
  7. Clara Bunker (Oshawa, ON)                        21
  8. Shanna Brander (Richmond Hill, ON)               24
  9. Margaret Figiel (Ajax, ON)                       27

Men’s Novice Bodybuilding – Lightweight

  1. Salvius Lau (Mississauga, ON)                     3
  2. Stephen Lobo (Etobicoke, ON)                      6
  3. Karl Dietrich (Toronto, ON)                       9
  4. Jason Doyle (London, ON)                          13
  5. Rahul Zia (Brampton, ON)                          14
  6. Adolphus Wilson (North York, ON)                  17
  7. Andy Ho (Markham, ON)                             20
  8. Dmitry Kogosov (Toronto, ON)                      24

Men’s Novice Bodybuilding – Middleweight

  1. Hugo Fernandes (Toronto, ON)                      3  OVERALL Winner
  2. Phu Nguyen (Toronto, ON)                          7
  3. Eddie Franjic (Mississauga, ON)                   9
  4. Marc Pleau (Trenton, ON)                          12
  5. Tae Hwan Lee (North York, ON)                     15
  6. Param Singh (Brampton, ON)                        18
  7. Philip Wong (Kingston, ON)                        21

Men’s Novice Bodybuilding – Heavyweight

  1. Marcus Laquie (Brampton, ON)                      3
  2. Chris Lebrun (Courtice, ON)                       6
  3. Collin Hickey (Elora, ON)                         9
  4. Vaughn Berry-Bruckman (Guelph, ON)                12
  5. Desnick Clement (Toronto, ON)                     15
  6. Jonathan Nicoll (Belleville, ON)                  18
  7. Jason VanErp (Barrie, ON)                         21

Women’s Novice Figure – Short

  1. Kimberly Begley (Toronto, ON)                     3
  2. Laura Killip (Burlington, ON)                     6
  3. Anika McLean (Mississauga, ON)                    9
  4. Robin Stewart (Toronto, ON)                       13
  5. Brenda Brouillard (Barrie, ON)                    14
  6. Rachel Duguay (Kingston, ON)                      18
  7. Sonia Lourenco (Toronto, ON)                      22
  8. Vernette Sylvester (New York, USA)                23

Women’s Novice Figure – Tall

  1. Sally Forse (Newmarket, ON)                       3  OVERALL Winner
  2. Rachel Foster (Toronto, ON)                       6
  3. Diane Lester (Aylmer, ON)                         10
  4. Nathalie Lewis (Toronto, ON)                      12
  5. Alison Orr (Thorold, ON)                          13
  6. Ann Casey (Midland, ON)                           19
  7. Clara Bunker (Oshawa, ON)                         20
  8. Andrea Humphrey (Brampton, ON)                    25
  9. Tracy Johnson (Brampton, ON)                      26
  10. Sue Cunningham (Sarnia, ON)                       27
  11. Pamela Drummond (Dundas, ON)                      33

Scoring is done by ranking each competitor. Ranking is done by comparing the physiques of each competitor of each class and ranking them from highest to lowest. The best competitor should be assigned a rank of 1, the next highest competitor should get a rank of 2, and so on.
The highest and lowest rank for each competitor is discarded as a safeguard against favouritism and to protect against human error. The remaining scores are added, and the lowest total receives first place in the class. Second lowest total receives 2nd place, and so on. If a tie results, the competitor who was ranked highest among the tied competitors by a majority of all judges receives the highest placement.

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