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Chuck Thomson – Over 75 shows!

Chuck Thomson – Over 75 shows!

Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Chuck Thomson. I am from Edmonton, AB and am 59 years old.

When did you start competing?
My first contest was the Mr. Alberta contest in 1977.

Why did you choose to compete?
I always dreamed of being a bodybuilder and thought that someday I might compete. I met BJ Annis of BJ’s Gym in Calgary and he talked me into competing in my very first show, and the rest is history. I was hooked.

Why did you choose to compete in the IDFA? And in Natural Bodybuilding?
I was at the first IDFA show in Calgary in 2008 and was very impressed by you (Shaun Campbell) and your organization and I have been at every show since then. I am a lifetime natural bodybuilder and that is a rarity in my sport, and competing in Natural Bodybuilding contests enables me to compete with people who have similar values regarding health and fitness.

How many shows have you competed in?
I have done 78 so far and the IDFA show on October 20 should be number 81.

Wow!!!! 78 competitions so far….
Yes. I love it.

One great thing about you is that you always make time to help out the other athletes backstage, especially the first-timers.
I give back to the athletes because I understand how hard it is to overcome all of the obstacles that we must conquer just to make it to a show, and the first show is the most special one of them all.

What is your favourite bodypart to train?
I really do not have a favorite workout or bodypart. I enjoy the unique challenges that each bodypart presents. I do like all of the supersetting that I have to do prior to a competition though.

What have you learned about yourself as a result of competing?
I have learned that there is still enough of the ham in me that really enjoys being on stage. I have also learned that win or lose I enjoy competing most of all with other incredible athletes.

Thanks for your time. You are a true inspiration!
You are very welcome.

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