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IDFA Rules & Regulations: Bikini

Athlete Attire

Posing Suit

A 2-piece bikini style suit will be worn for both the Judging round and Presentation & Awards round. Please choose a quality-made suit appropriate for onstage competition. The suit will cover a minimum of 40% of the gluteus maximus and all of the frontal area; No G-strings, thongs etc. Posing suit must be in good taste and the IDFA must approve suit prior to competition. Note: You must have the appropriate posing suit for the division you are entered in.


Small earrings, bracelets and wedding rings area permitted. (Your jewellery should not overpower, or take attention away, from your physique.)


Clear heels are worn for both rounds. Can either be slip-on style (as shown in image below) or with straps. Heel no higher than 5″. Sole no higher than 1.5″. No platform heels. Note: All suits and shoes will be checked at Athlete Registration / Check-in. IDFA Approved Shoes for Figure and Fitness Models

Divisions and Classes

  • Novice
  • Open
  • Masters (40 years of age and over)
  • Pro & Masters Pro

All IDFA competitors must be at least 18 years of age.

Novice Eligibility

  1. Competitor has not placed in the top 3 in an Open Division in another organization.
  2. Competitor has not placed top 3 in the Novice division in an IDFA sanctioned event.

Open Eligibility

  1. Competitor has placed top 3 in the Novice division in an IDFA sanctioned event.
  2. Competitor has placed top 3 in the Open Division in another organization.

Masters Eligibility

  1. Competitor is 40 years of age or older on the day of the competition.

Pro Eligibility

  • Competitor holds a current IDFA Pro Card in the Pro Division they are entering.

Determination of Bikini Classes for each division

  • If 10 or less competitors there will be only one class.
  • If more than 10 competitors there will be 2 classes divided up evenly in Short and Tall.

Judging Criteria

Judges will be basing their decisions on the following criteria:

Stage Presence

  • Photogenic quality
  • Execution of quarter turns and bikini walk
  • Confidence
  • Skin tone, make-up, suit selection
  • Overall poise and presentation

Symmetry and Proportion

  • No body part should stand out from the rest
  • There should be an even flow through the body
  • Equal development between all muscle groups

Muscular Development

  • Toned feminine physique

IDFA Bikini Poses

Judging round

Competitors will come out and line up with their class along the back of the stage in the front pose. Once the entire class is on stage each competitor will be announced one by one by the Head Judge (or Host) and they will then perform the T-walk to background music. Once the entire class has performed their T-walk the Head Judge will direct the class through the quarter-turn comparisons (see Photos of Bikini Poses above).

Note: The T-walk will count as part of your score.

T-Walk – Competitors will come out and line up with their class along the back of the stage in the front pose. Once the entire class is on stage each competitor will be introduced for their T-walk. The competitor will proceed to the back center of the stage, pause facing the audience, walk towards the front of the stage (front center), pause, head to their left to the far end of the stage (stage right), pause, head to the far right of the stage (stage left), pause, walk towards the front center of the stage, pause, head to the back center of the stage, pause, and then return to their original position in the line-up. This is a T-walk and not a posing routine. Do not do bodybuilding type poses. Display yourself with confidence and class. This is the competitor’s time to display their physique and confidence to the judges.

Note: The T-walk should only take about 30 to 45 seconds for each competitor.

Presentation & Awards round

All competitors in each class will be introduced and will display 3 poses a the center of the stage at the Presentation & Awards round. The Judging is where the scoring mainly takes place however if your class is close, the Presentation & Awards round will be factored in.


We will supply the background music for the T-walk at the Judging round, and for the Posing at the Presentation & Awards round. Overall Comparisons If the division has more than one class the winners of each class will be compared in the same fashion as Judging round to determine the overall winner. No Props or Costumes Allowed The use of props or costumes during Judging round and the Presentation & Awards round is strictly prohibited.


Amateur (Novice, Open, Masters, Pro)

Top 3 will receive Custom Large IDFA Medallions with 4th and 5th receiving smaller size Custom IDFA medallions.

For information on how to register, click please see our Entry Form and Registration Information section. For information on drug testing, please see our IDFA Drug Testing section.


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