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IDFA 119: Calgary (Amateur & Pro) RESULTS – November 18, 2017

IDFA 119: CALGARY (Amateur & Pro) Results

Transformation Challenge

Winner – Sarah Webb (Calgary, AB) – $250.00 cash

Abby Glaicar (High River, AB), Cassandra Davis (Melfort, AB), GM Farozi (Calgary, AB), Heidi Wade (Lloydminster, AB), Miranda Patmore (Lloydminster, SK), Sarah Webb (Calgary, AB), Shawna Hickey (Calgary, AB), Savana Antonation (Pincher Creek, AB)

Masters Fitness Model
1.Maureen Jones (Calgary, AB)      9
2.Cherese Brassard (Hinton, AB)  10 tie-breaker
3.Tamara Kezar (Hinton, AB)        10
4.Kendra Budd (Calgary, AB)        12
5.Lee Ann Kruger (Lethbridge, AB)  19
6.Heidi Wade (Lloydminster, AB)    24

Masters Bodybuilding
1.GM Farozi (Calgary, AB)  4

Masters Figure
1.Misty Oremba (Regina, SK)         6 tie-breaker
2.Cherese Brassard (Hinton, AB)  6
3.Kendra Budd (Calgary, AB)   13
4.Tamara Kezar (Hinton, AB)  15
5.Karen Smith (Calgary, AB)   20

Masters Bikini
1.Jacqueline Newport (Calgary, AB)   4
2.Deanna Van Muyen (Okotoks, AB)  10
3.Lee Ann Kruger (Lethbridge, AB)  13
4.Tamara Kezar (Hinton, AB)        16
5.Angela Braun (Calgary, AB)        22
6.Ria Pickering (Lethbridge, AB)  23
7.Heidi Wade (Lloydminster, AB) 28
8.Adena Warren (Calgary, AB)      32

Novice Fitness Model
1.Brooke Werner (Hinton, AB)     4
2.Cherese Brassard (Hinton, AB) 11
3.Kendra Budd (Calgary, AB)       13
4.Tarah Kern (Lethbridge, AB)    14
5.Miranda Patmore (Lloydminster, SK) 19
6.Maureen Jones (Calgary, AB)        23
7.Lee Ann Kruger (Lethbridge, AB) 27
8.Raelean Hawthorne (Lloydminster, AB) 32
9.Savana Antonation (Pincher Creek, AB) 36
10.Heidi Wade (Lloydminster, AB)             40

Novice Physique
1.Bob Tiangco (Calgary, AB)      4
2.Felipe Soto (Calgary, AB)        8
3.Ramsey Jones (Calgary, AB)  13
4.Jamie Bishop (Cochrane, AB) 17
5.Andrew Field (Lethbridge, AB) 18
6.Cooper Bezak (Claresholm, AB) 24

Novice Figure
1.Misty Oremba (Regina, SK)    5
2.Tarah Kern (Lethbridge, AB) 9
3.Kendra Budd (Calgary, AB)    10
4.Karen Smith (Calgary, AB)     16

Novice Bikini – Short
1.Brittany Wolfe (Cochrane, AB)  6 Overall Winner
2.Brooke Werner (Hinton, AB)     9
3.Brittany Geransky (Airdrie, AB) 13
4.Miranda Patmore (Lloydminster, SK) 15
5.Sheryl Reynaldo (Red Deer, AB) 17
6.Cassandra Davis (Melfort, AB)    25
7.Deanna Van Muyen (Okotoks, AB) 27
8.Justine MacDonald (Calgary, AB)   32
9.Heidi Wade (Lloydminster, AB)      36

Novice Bikini – Tall
1.Jacqueline Newport (Calgary, AB) 4
2.Lee Ann Kruger (Lethbridge, AB) 10
3.Abby Glaicar (High River, AB)      11
4.Angela Braun (Calgary, AB)          15
5.Raelean Hawthorne (Lloydminster, AB) 21
6.Adena Warren (Calgary, AB)         23
7.Savana Antonation (Pincher Creek, AB) 26

Open Fitness Model
1.Jaquie Nickoriuk (Red Deer, AB) 4 New IDFA Pro
2.Sarah Webb (Calgary, AB)            8

Open Physique
1.Tyler Brake (Red Deer, AB)            4 New IDFA Pro
2.Trevor Kouritzin (Winnipeg, MB) 8

Open Bikini
1.Sarah Webb (Calgary, AB)                 8 tie-breaker – New IDFA Pro
2.Jaquie Nickoriuk (Red Deer, AB)     8
3.Katherine Kearney (Canmore, AB)  8

Open Bodybuilding
1.Trevor Kouritzin (Winnipeg, MB)  4 New IDFA Pro

PRO Fitness Model
1.Katherine Kearney (Canmore, AB)  4

PRO Bodybuilding
1.Oleksandr Sigulyev (Calgary, AB)  4

PRO Figure
1.Maureen Jones (Calgary, AB)        4
2.Yolanda Bouzane (Blackfoot, AB) 8

PRO Physique
1.Paul Carman (Lethbridge, AB)  4

Scoring is done by ranking each competitor. Ranking is done by comparing the physiques of each competitor of each class and ranking them from highest to lowest. The best competitor should be assigned a rank of 1, the next highest competitor should get a rank of 2, and so on.

The scores (4 judges in total for this show) are added, and the lowest total receives first place in the class. Second lowest total receives 2nd place, and so on. If a tie results, the competitor who was ranked highest among the tied competitors by a majority of all judges receives the highest placement.


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