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IDFA 120: UNIVERSE (Amateur & Pro) Results – December 9, 2017

IDFA 120: UNIVERSE (Amateur & Pro) Official Results

Transformation Challenge

Winner – Kyle LePage (Barrie, ON) – $250.00 cash

Amanda Duggan (New Lowell, ON), April Hawke (Midland, ON), Catherine Janes (Oshawa, ON), Ian Alexander Brown (Barrie, ON), John Hawke (Midland, ON), Karol Russo (Hamilton, ON), Katie Baylis (Blackstock, ON), Kyle LePage (Barrie, ON), Nicky Henri (Mallorytown, ON), Paula Newby (Springwater, ON), Terri Keay (Keswick, ON), Mandy Elms (Ottawa, ON), Erik Osit (Mississauga, ON)

Masters Fitness Model – Short
1.Rose-Anne Vieira (Oshawa, ON)           3
2.Jacqueline Bellaire (Chelmsford,ON)  8
3.Anita Evans (Toronto, ON)  9
4.Lisa Kerr (Courtice, ON)      11
5.Kris Little (Bowmanville, ON)     15
6.Donna Smith (Lr Sackville, NS)  19
7.Nicky Henri (Mallorytown, ON)  20

Masters Fitness Model – Tall
1.Robin Chiasson (Hillsdale, ON)              3 OVERALL & New Masters PRO
2.Deanna Farinacci (St Catherines, ON)  7
3.Violaine Pigeon (Terrebonne, QC)        8
4.Mo McDonnell (Pickering, ON)     12
5.Annette Harnes (Newcastle, ON)  15
6.Mandy Elms (Ottawa, ON)             18

Masters Bodybuilding
1.Stuart Mills (Toronto, ON) 3 New Masters Pro
2.Scott Tedford (Frankville, ON) 6
3.Jamie Wall (Wingham, ON) 9

Masters Figure
1.Hollie LeBlanc (Oakville, ON)   3 New Masters PRO
2.Isabel Reis (Mississauga, ON)  7
3.Kelly Condon (Midland, ON)    8
4.Rose-Anne Vieira (Oshawa, ON)  12
5.Ardra Scott (New Lowell, ON)      15
6.April Hawke (Midland, ON)  20 tie-breaker
7.Glenda Costa (Toronto, ON)  20
8.Lisa Kerr (Courtice, ON)         23
9.Beth Cunningham (Bowmanville, ON)  27
10.Donna Smith (Lr Sackville, NS)            30

Masters Physique
1.Greg LaChance (Uxbridge, ON)  3 New Masters PRO
2.Shawn Jones (Oshawa, ON)        7
3.John Hawke (Midland, ON)       10
4.Michael Peirone (Barrie, ON)    11
5.Wayne Laflamme (Ottawa, ON) 14
6.Larry Salva (Ottawa, ON)           18

Masters Bikini – Short
1.Deidre Lue-Kim (Richmond Hill, ON)  3 OVERALL & New Masters PRO
2.Rose-Anne Vieira (Oshawa, ON)            8 tie-breaker
3.Jacqueline Bellaire (Chelmsford, ON)  8
4.Kathy Gaziuk (Toronto, ON)          12
5.Anita Evans (Toronto, ON)             16 tie-breaker
6.Wendy Elliot (Bowmanville, ON)  16

Masters Bikini – Tall
1.Robin Chiasson (Hillsdale, ON)              3
2.Deanna Farinacci (St Catherines, ON)  6
3.Mo McDonnell (Pickering, ON)  10
4.Catherine Janes (Oshawa, ON)   11
5.Terri Keay (Keswick, ON)  15
6.Lisa Dick (Ottawa, ON)      18

Novice Fitness Model
1.Kellie McCallum (Cranbrook, BC)  4
2.Robin Chiasson (Hillsdale, ON)     5
3.Stacey Fleury (Orleans, ON)           8
4.Marie-Claude Legare (Mirabel, QC) 12
5.Marlena Amaral (Hamilton, ON)  18
6.Tina Ponce (Brampton, ON)          20
7.Anna Cormier (Tiny, ON)               22
8.Mo McDonnell (Pickering, ON)    23
9.Lisa Kerr (Courtice, ON)                26
10.Kris Little (Bowmanville, ON)    29
11.Mandy Elms (Ottawa, ON)           33

Novice Bodybuilding
1.Nicholas Vasil (Beaconsfield, QC)  3
2.Justine McGuire (Kanata, ON)       7
3.Amrinder Singh (Scarborough, ON) 9
4.Kyle LePage (Barrie, ON)                 12

Novice Figure
1.Kelly Condon (Midland, ON)              4
2.Marie-Claude Legare (Mirabel, QC)  5
3.Michelle Rodgers (Mount Albert, ON) 10
4.Tina Ponce (Brampton, ON)      13
5.Lee Shea (Oshawa, ON)              16
6.Ardra Scott (New Lowell, ON)  19 tie-breaker
7.Lisa Kerr (Courtice, ON)            19
8.Beth Cunningham (Bowmanville, ON)  24
9.Andrea Humphrey (Brampton, ON)      28 tie-breaker
10.Karol Russo (Hamilton, ON)                 28

Novice Physique
1.Samuel Rhys Wilson (Newmarket, ON)  3
2.Adam Toffan (Coldwater, ON)     6
3.Majd Saaloukeh (Gatineau, QC)  9
4.Shawn Jones (Oshawa, ON)         14
5.Jamal Bryan (Mississauga, ON)  16
6.Justine McGuire (Kanata, ON)    17
7.Jason Springer (Welland, ON)    20

Novice Bikini – Short
1.Rochelle Brown (Pickering, ON)   3
2.Lauri Valdivieso (Brossard, QC)   6
3.Marlena Amaral (Hamilton, ON)  9
4.Tiffany Hogg (Kincardine, ON)     12
5.Victoria Toffan (Coldwater, ON)   16
6.Lindsay Smale (Ballieboro, ON)    19 tie-breaker
7.Amanda Duggan (New Lowell, ON) 19

Novice Bikini – Tall
1.Stacey Fleury (Orleans, ON)         4 OVERALL
2.Robin Chiasson (Hillsdale, ON)  6
3.Kellie McCallum (Cranbrook, BC)  8
4.Xiao Qian Xu (Scarborough, ON)  12
5.Katherine Bowering (Midland, ON) 16
6.Melanie Harness (Guelph, ON)     18
7.Anna Cormier (Tiny, ON)               21
8.Katie Baylis (Blackstock, ON)      24

Open Fitness Model
1.Rose-Anne Vieira (Oshawa, ON)  5 tie-breaker & New PRO
2.Donna Petheram (Simcoe, ON)    5
3.Dominique Marchand (Montreal, QC) 9

Open Bodybuilding
1.Erik Osit (Mississauga, ON)            3 New PRO
2.Bryan Graziano (Vancouver, BC)  6
3.Stuart Mills (Toronto, ON)             9
4.Edmund Duncan II (Lancaster, NY, USA) 12
5.Eyad El Zinary (Montreal, QC)     16
6.Michael Proszek (Mississauga, ON) 17
7.Scott Tedford (Frankville, ON)      21
8.Jamie Wall (Wingham, ON)          24

Open Figure
1.Hollie LeBlanc (Oakville, ON)            3 New PRO
2.Kaitlyn Castonguay (Sudbury, ON)  6

Open Physique
1.Matija Borojevic (Toronto, ON)  5 tie-breaker & New PRO
2.Erik Osit (Mississauga, ON)        5
3.Greg LaChance (Uxbridge, ON)  9
4.Charles Ramirez (Toronto, ON) 13
5.Immanuel Sule (Mississauga, ON) 16
6.Tyler Topolinski (Toronto, ON)  17
7.Oli Nguyen (Toronto, ON)           21

Open Bikini
1.Deidre Lue-Kim (Richmond Hill, ON)  3 New PRO
2.Donna Petheram (Simcoe, ON)              6

PRO Fitness Model
1.Deidre Lue-Kim (Richmond Hill, ON)  3
2.Amanda Saffioti (Rockland, ON)           6

PRO Bodybuilding
1.Lou Noel (Vancouver, BC)               3
2.Fernando Macedo (Toronto, ON)  6
3.Omar El-Sayed (Calgary, AB)         9
4.Matthew McDonald (Brampton, ON) 12
5.Eric Fortin (Quebec, QC)                 16
6.Marc-Andre Fournier (Mirabel, QC)  17
7.Patrick Perreault (Mascouche, QC)     21
8.Thomas Jameson (Webster, NY, USA)  24

PRO Figure
1.Kenesha Stinchcombe (Toronto, ON)  3
2.Karey Salem (Alliston, ON)                    7
3.Mylene Clapuyt (St Basile-le-Grand, QC)  8
4.Heather Burbidge (Victoria Harbor, ON)  12
5.Isabelle Racicot (Terrebonne, QC)              15
6.Nicole Weeks-Boyers (Boothwyn, PA, USA)  18
7.Marie Andree Chaurette (Les Cedres, QC)      21

PRO Physique
1.Omar El-Sayed (Calgary, AB)                7
2.Jonathan Straker (Mississauga, ON)  9 tie-breaker (3)
3.Dennis Butler (London, ON)                9
4.Chris Leblanc (Oakville, ON)               9
5.Buff Wellington (Toronto, ON)            11

PRO Bikini
1.Violaine Pigeon (Terrebonne, QC)  3

Scoring is done by ranking each competitor. Ranking is done by comparing the physiques of each competitor of each class and ranking them from highest to lowest. The best competitor should be assigned a rank of 1, the next highest competitor should get a rank of 2, and so on.
The highest and lowest rank for each competitor is discarded as a safeguard against favouritism and to protect against human error. The remaining scores are added, and the lowest total receives first place in the class. Second lowest total receives 2nd place, and so on. If a tie results, the competitor who was ranked highest among the tied competitors by a majority of all judges receives the highest placement.


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