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2015 IDFA Ottawa-Gatineau Classic Results – October 31

2015 IDFA Ottawa-Gatineau Classic Results

Transformation Challenge

Winner – Julie Crevier (Gatineau, QC) – $250.00 cash

Brianna Marie Cooper (St Catherines, ON)
Manon Hardy (Rouyn-Noranda, QC)
Michael McNaught (Ottawa, ON)
Pascale Tardif (Rimouski, QC)
Wendy Dodds (Orleans, ON)
Julie Crevier (Gatineau, QC)
Robyn Young (ON)

Masters Fitness Model
1.Anne Marie Chojnacki (Hammond, ON)        4
2.Alexandra Miglietta (Gatineau, QC)                8
3.Julie Labreaque (Ste Anne de Prescott, ON) 12

Masters Bodybuilding
1.Gaetan Bergevin (Ottawa, ON) 5
2.Phil Guilbeault (Ottawa, ON) 9
3.Marc Blais (St Andre Argenieul, QC) 10

Masters Figure
1.Isabelle Lombardo (St Jerome, QC) 4

Novice Fitness Model – Short
1.Jocelyne Begin (Ottawa, ON)                            4
2.Julie Labreaque (Ste Anne de Prescott, ON) 11
3.Amanda Saffioti Mardon (Rockland, ON)     12
4.Catherine Grenier (Quebec, QC)                     19 tie-breaker
5.Katia Foetin (Val-des-Monts, QC)                  19
6.Nadia Fayad (North York, ON)                        21
7.Rebecca Cronk (Kemptville, ON)                    28
8.Aida Ndiaye (Brossard, QC)                             30
9.Katina Valiquette (Lachute, QC)                     36

Novice Fitness Model – Tall
1.Catherine Ouellet (Gatineau, QC)     5 Overall Winner
2.Alexandra Miglietta (Gatineau, QC) 7
3.Kaitlin Turner (Ottawa, ON)              13
4.Wendy Dodds (Orleans, ON)             16
5.Lisa Dorion (Lachute, QC)                  19

Novice Bodybuilding
1.Gabriel Sciacca (Blainville, QC) 5
2.Jasonn Patry (Courcelles, QC)   8
3.Jason Smith (Dartmouth, NS)   11
4.Phil Guilbeault (Ottawa, ON)    19
5.Benoit Turmel (Gatineau, QC)  20
6.Peter Smith (Nepean, ON)         21

Novice Figure
1.France Larose (Mirabel, QC)           7 tie-breaker
2.Camille Vigneault (Montreal, QC) 7
3.Catherine Grenier (Quebec, QC)   14 tie-breaker
4.Melanie Archambault (La Salle, QC) 14
5.Rebecca Cronk (Kemptville, ON) 19
6.Katina Valiquette (Lachute, QC)  25
7.Pascale Tardif (Rimouski, QC)     29
8.Brianna Marie Cooper (St. Catherines, ON) 30

Novice Physique
1.Nikos Felesakis (Laval, QC)       4
2.David Steven Pepe (Laval, QC) 10
3.Spiro Spathis (Laval, QC)           11
4.Michael McNaught (Ottawa, ON) 17
5.Carl De La Barre (Lachute, QC) 20
6.Jason Smith (Dartmouth, NS)   22

Novice Bikini – Short
1.Sophie Dupre (Amos, QC)             8
2.Paula Rizk (Ottawa, ON)               9
3.Chloe Jette-Gamsby (St-lin-laurentide, QC) 11
4.Vicky Bellemare (Gatineau, QC) 12
5.Thalia Valiguette (Lachute, QC) 20
6.Marilou Audet (Rimouski, QC)  24

Novice Bikini – Tall
1.Pamela Belanger Poirier (Lac-Beauport, QC) 4
2.Alexandra Miglietta (Gatineau, QC)   10
3.Carla Romulo (Ottawa, ON)                 12
4.Fiona Foster (Ottawa, ON)                   16
5.Manon Hardy (Rouyn-Noranda, QC) 18

Open Fitness Model
1.Anne Marie Chojnacki (Hammond, ON) 7 New IDFA Pro
2.Melanie Leveillee (Gatineau, QC)             9
3.Josee-Ann Lefebvre (Mascouche, QC)     11
4.Kristen Boucher (Brooklin, ON)               15
5.Chantal Humbert (Beloeil, QC)                20
6.Mylene Vallieres (Mascouche, QC)          23
7.Veronique Marchildon (Gatineau, QC)   27

Open Bodybuilding
1.Mark Ahegbebu (Ghana)                           5 New IDFA Pro
2.Yannick Charland (Blainville, QC)          7
3.Etienne Labrie Larabie (Gatineau, QC) 12
4.Carl De La Barre (Lachute, QC)              16
5.Gaetan Bergevin (Ottawa, ON)               20
6.Marc Blais (St Andre Argenieul, QC)    24

Open Figure
1.Melanie Gauthier (Gatineau, QC)             4 New IDFA Pro
2.Chantal Humbert (Beloeil, QC)                12 tie-breaker
3.Camille Paquette-Small (Montreal, QC) 12
4.Veronique Marchildon (Gatineau, QC)   13
5.Isabelle Lombardo (St Jerome, QC)         19

Open Physique
1.Leo Hollier (Quebec, QC) 4 New IDFA Pro

Open Bikini
1.Mylene Vallieres (Mascouche, QC) 6 New IDFA Pro
2.Lisa Dorion (Lachute, QC)                7
3.Katia Foetin (Val-des-Monts, QC)  11

Scoring is done by ranking each competitor. Ranking is done by comparing the physiques of each competitor of each class and ranking them from highest to lowest. The best competitor should be assigned a rank of 1, the next highest competitor should get a rank of 2, and so on.
The 4 judges scores are added, and the lowest total receives first place in the class. Second lowest total receives 2nd place, and so on. If a tie results, the competitor who was ranked highest among the tied competitors by a majority of all judges receives the highest placement.


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