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IDFA 103: GATINEAU Results – October 29, 2016

IDFA 103: GATINEAU Results

Photos from IDFA 103: Gatineau >>> PHOTOS from IDFA 103: Gatineau

Transformation Challenge

Winner – Marie-Josee Bayard (Ste-Therese, QC) – $250.00 cash

Marie-Josee Bayard (Ste-Therese, QC), Susan Zabenskie (Winnipeg, MB)

Masters Fitness Model
1.Marie-Josee Bayard (Ste-Therese,QC) 3
2.Lauri Darras (Dartmouth, NS) 8 tie-breaker
3.Jenny Chan (Ottawa, ON)         8
4.Marie-Josee Camirand (Ste-Anne-Des-Plaines, QC) 13
5.Ninon Jeaurond (Alexandria, ON)                                14

Masters Bodybuilding
1.Patrick Perrault (Mascouche, QC) 3
2.Jean-Claude Simon (Cantley, QC) 6

Masters Figure
1.France Larose (Mirabel, QC)    4
2.Lauri Darras (Dartmouth, NS) 5

Masters Bikini
1.Heather Keyzers (Bowmanville, ON) 3
2.Suzie Laframboise (Bainsville, ON) 6
3.Joyce DeLaPaz (Lasalle, QC)          9
4.Nadine Theoret (Alexandria, ON) 12
5.Christine Bourdon (Limoges, ON) 15

Novice Fitness Model – Short
1.Viktoriya Isayevych (Montreal, QC)       3  OVERALL Winner
2.Marie-France Paquette (Chambly, QC) 8
3.Melissa Lalonde (Luskville, QC)             9
4.Tawnya Rampersad (Petawawa, ON)    10
5.Stephanie Leatherbarrow (Ottawa, ON) 14
6.Jenny Chan (Ottawa, ON)                          18
7.Marie-Josee Camirand (Ste-Anne-Des-Plaines, QC) 21
8.Justine MacDonald (Stittsville, ON)        24

Novice Fitness Model – Tall
1.Marie-Josee Bayard (Ste-Therese, QC) 3
2.Ninon Jeaurond (Alexandria, ON) 6
3.Christele Bolduc (Gatineau, QC)    9
4.Sylvia Larouche (Quebec, QC)    12
5.Debrica Murrell (Montreal, QC) 15

Novice Bodybuilding
1.Patrick Perrault (Mascouche, QC)   3
2.Dominic Fleurant (St-Jerome, QC) 6
3.Jean-Claude Simon (Cantley, QC)   9

Novice Figure
1.Yannicka Major (St-Janvier, QC)            3
2.Marie-France Paquette (Chambly, QC) 8 tie-breaker
3.Christine Pilon (Bowmanville, ON)        8
4.Nadia Lalonde-Cote (Hawkesbury, ON) 11

Novice Physique
1.Bartosz Krupa (Ste-Therese, QC)     3
2.Murtaza Ibrahimi (St-Hubert, QC) 6
3.Dominic Fleurant (St-Jerome, QC) 9
4.Jonathan Boivin (Quebec, QC)         12
5.Steve Bussiere (Blainville, QC) 18 tie-breaker
6.Elias Lekkas (St-Jean, QC)        18
7.Anthony Woldeghiorghis (Lasalle, QC) 21
8.Frederick Borgia (Quebec, QC) 22

Novice Bikini – Short
1.Melissa Lalonde (Luskville, QC)               4  OVERALL Winner
2.Stephanie Leatherbarrow (Ottawa, ON) 5
3.Valerie Pigeon (St-Therese, QC)          9
4.Tawnya Rampersad (Petawawa, ON) 13
5.Viktoriya Isayevych (Montreal, QC)   14
6.Susan Zabenskie (Winnipeg, MB)      18
7.Linda Mejia (Ottawa, ON)     21
8.Alison Smith (Trenton, ON) 24

Novice Bikini – Tall
1.Sonia Lister (Gatineau, QC)                 4
2.Marie-Michelle Roy (Blainville, QC) 9 tie-breaker
3.Catherine Thomas (Mirabel, QC)       9
4.Christele Bolduc (Gatineau, QC) 10
5.Suzie Laframboise (Bainsville, ON) 14
6.Caitlin Lyon (Ottawa, ON)              19
7.Nadine Theoret (Alexandria, ON) 22
8.Rhea Christensen (Ottawa, ON)     24
9.Taylor Small (Bownmanville, ON) 26
10.Christine Bourdon (Limoges, ON) 29

Open Fitness Model
1.Christine Pilon (Bowmanville, ON)  3 New IDFA Pro
2.Melanie Leveillee (Gatineau, QC)    7
3.Shannon Jacobs (Courtice, ON)      8
4.Lauri Darras (Dartmouth, NS)        12
5.Lina Boucher (Orleans, ON)            15

Open Bodybuilding
1.Carl Giguere (Mirabel, QC)                          3 New IDFA Pro
2.Marc-Andre Fournier (St-Eustache, QC) 6 New IDFA Pro

Open Figure
1.France Larose (Mirabel, QC)        3 New IDFA Pro
2.Lauri Darras (Dartmouth, NS)    6
3.Shannon Jacobs (Courtice, ON) 9

Open Bikini
1.Jessica Harness (Port Hope, ON) 3 New IDFA Pro
2.Valerie Dionne (Ste Sophie, QC)  7 tie-breaker
3.Kaitlyn Becker (Alexandria, ON) 7
4.Sylvia Larouche (Quebec, QC)    12
5.Lina Boucher (Orleans, ON)        15

Scoring is done by ranking each competitor. Ranking is done by comparing the physiques of each competitor of each class and ranking them from highest to lowest. The best competitor should be assigned a rank of 1, the next highest competitor should get a rank of 2, and so on.
The 4 judges scores are added, and the lowest total receives first place in the class. Second lowest total receives 2nd place, and so on. If a tie results, the competitor who was ranked highest among the tied competitors by a majority of all judges receives the highest placement.


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