IDFA 136: Montreal RESULTS – July 6, 2019

IDFA 136: MONTREAL Official Results

Transformation Challenge

Winner – James Jeong (Montreal, QC) – $250.00 cash

Hannah Mehregan (Montreal, QC), James Jeong (Montreal, QC), Lina Di Carlo (St. Leonard, QC), Marie-Josee Viau (St-Lazare, QC)

Masters Fitness Model
1.Josee Lachance (Ste-Marie, QC) 3
2.Nadine Gaudreault (Quebec, QC) 6
3.Natasha Murrell (Montreal, QC) 9
4.Marie-Josee Viau (St-Lazare, QC) 12
5.Lina Di Carlo (St. Leonard, QC) 15

Masters Bodybuilding
1.Patrick Poulin (Sainte-Marie, QC) 3
2.William Voilaire (Montreal, QC) 6
3.Martin Jolicoeur (Gatineau, QC) 9

Masters Figure
1.Josee Lachance (Ste-Marie, QC) 3
2.Chantal Zakrzewski (St-Calixte, QC) 6

Masters Physique
1.Benoit St-Onge (Mascouche, QC) 3
2.Martin Jolicoeur (Gatineau, QC) 6

Masters Bikini
1.Natasha Murrell (Montreal, QC) 4
2.Nadine Gaudreault (Quebec, QC) 5
3.Marie-Josee Viau (St-Lazare, QC) 9

Top Trainer Award
PM Fitness

Novice Fitness Model
1.Sarah Martel (Saint-Isledore, QC) 4
2.Helene Bedard (Quebec, QC) 5
3.Tracy Eck (Laval, QC) 9
4.Hannah Mehregan (Montreal, QC) 12
5.Lina Di Carlo (St. Leonard, QC) 15

Novice Bodybuilding
1.Mikael Dube (Blainville, QC) 3
2.Bernard Richardson (Montreal, QC) 6
3.Samuel Desmarais (Chateauquay, QC) 10
4.Phillippe Pyram (Montreal, QC) 11
5.Martin Jolicoeur (Gatineau, QC) 15

Novice Physique
1.Bernard Richardson (Montreal, QC) 4
2.Dave Liu (Richmondhill, ON) 6
3.Umair Yousaf (Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC) 10
4.James Jeong (Montreal, QC) 12 tie-breaker
5.Antoine Cabana (Terrebonne, QC) 12
6.Frederick Borgia (Sainte-Marie, QC) 17
7.Martin Jolicoeur (Gatineau, QC) 21
8.Phillippe Pyram (Montreal, QC) 24

Novice Bikini
1.Sarah Martel (Saint-Isledore, QC) 7 tie-breaker
2.Isabelle Langlois (Quebec, QC) 7
3.Estefanie Diaz-Paquin 8
4.Hannah Mehregan (Montreal, QC) 9
5.Karyn Dubreuil (Quebec, QC) 15

Open Fitness Model
1.Josee Lachance (Ste-Marie, QC) 3 New IDFA PRO
2.Helene Bedard (Quebec, QC) 6
3.Raphaelle Turenne (Mascouche, QC) 10
4.Nathasha Murrell (Montreal, QC) 11

Open Bodybuilding
1.Patrick Poulin (Sainte-Marie, QC) 3 New IDFA PRO
2.William Voilaire (Montreal, QC) 8
3.Frederik Therrien (Lac-Drolet, QC) 9
4.Bernard Richardson (Montreal, QC) 10
5.Phillippe Pyram (Montreal, QC) 15

Open Figure
1.Josee Lachance (Ste-Marie, QC) 3 New IDFA PRO
2.Chantal Zakrzewski (St-Calixte, QC) 6
3.Karine Vignola (Repentigny, QC) 9

Open Physique
1.Bernard Richardson (Montreal, QC) 3 New IDFA PRO
2.Jean-Samuel St-Gelais (Sherbrooke, QC) 8
3.Alexandre Prince (Sainte-Anne-Des-Plaines, QC) 12
4.Dave Liu (Richmondhill, ON) 14 tie-breaker
5.Umair Yousaf (Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC) 14
6.James Jeong (Montreal, QC) 17 tie-breaker
7.Antoine Cabana (Terrebonne, QC) 17
8.Phillippe Pyram (Montreal, QC) 24

Open Bikini
1.Alessia Messina (Montreal, QC) 4 New IDFA PRO
2.Raphaelle Turenne (Mascouche, QC) 8 tie-breaker
3.Karina Charest (Montreal, QC) 8
4.Tracy Eck (Laval, QC) 9
5.Isabelle Langlois (Quebec, QC) 15

Scoring is done by ranking each competitor. Ranking is done by comparing the physiques of each competitor of each class and ranking them from highest to lowest. The best competitor should be assigned a rank of 1, the next highest competitor should get a rank of 2, and so on.
The highest and lowest rank for each competitor is discarded as a safeguard against favouritism and to protect against human error. The remaining scores are added, and the lowest total receives first place in the class. Second lowest total receives 2nd place, and so on. If a tie results, the competitor who was ranked highest among the tied competitors by a majority of all judges receives the highest placement.


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