IDFA 143: UNIVERSE RESULTS – December 7, 2019

IDFA 143: UNIVERSE (Amateur & Pro) Official Results

Transformation Challenge OVER 40

Winner – Darcy Alyea (Embro, ON) – $250.00 cash

Amanda Till (Whtiby, ON), Amy Lorenzin (Innisfil, ON), Darcy Alyea (Embro, ON), David Roman (Toronto, ON), Deanna Farinacci (St. Cahterines), Kevin Claxton (London, ON), Mirjana Magee (Pickering, ON)

Transformation Challenge UNDER 40

Winner – Darcy Cunningham (Bowmanville, ON) – $250.00 cash

Christina LeBlanc (Oshawa, ON), Cristelle Flack (Ottawa, ON), Darcy Cunningham (Bowmanville, ON), Dave Sellars (London, ON), Sarah Ditchburn (St. Thomas, ON), Vanessa Frew (Barrie, ON), Nathaniel McKenzie (Scarborough, ON)

Masters Fitness Model
1.Erin Pearce (Courtice, ON) 5
2.Cathy Barry (Hampton, ON) 6
3.Jessica Youngs (Oshawa, ON) 10
4.Magalie Pinel (Kingston, ON) 12
5.Kris Little (Bowmanville, ON) 13
6.Amy Lorenzin (Innisfil, ON) 18

Masters Bodybuilding
1.Pat Triolet (Amherstburg, ON) 3
2.Feras Eid (Whitby, ON) 7
3.Sylvio Camilleri (Oshawa, ON) 8
4.Ramon Fodor (Toronto, ON) 12

Masters Figure
1.Erin Pearce (Courtice, ON) 4
2.Heather Vaz (Mt. Albert, ON) 6
3.Mirjana Magee (Pickering, ON) 8
4.Sandy Trovato (Oshawa, ON) 12

Masters Physique
1.James Bullock (New Lowell, ON) 4
2.Michael Wong (London, ON) 6
3.Richard Greenwood (Mississauga, ON) 8
4.Kevin Claxton (London, ON) 12
5.David Roman (Toronto, ON) 15

Masters Bikini
1.Jenn Pike (Keswick, ON) 4
2.Sonia Bradette (St-Colomban,QC) 8
3.Cathy Barry (Hampton, ON) 9
4.Jessica Youngs (Oshawa ON) 13
5.Magalie Pinel (Kingston, ON) 15
6.Angela Paterson (Ajax, ON) 17 tie-breaker
7.Marissa Cusi (Brampton, ON) 17
8.Amy Lorenzin (Innisfil, ON) 25
9.Brigitte Quirion (Kemptiville,ON) 26

Top Trainer Award
Steve Oldfield of Steve’s Fitness Circus

Novice Fitness Model
1.Erin Pearce (Courtice, ON) 4
2.Cathy Barry (Hampton, ON) 5
3.Melanie Harness (Guelph, ON) 9
4.Magalie Pinel (Kingston, ON) 15
5.Sarah Ditchburn (St. Thomas, ON) 16
6.Kris Little (Bowmanville, ON) 17
7.Joan Ofulue (Ottawa, ON) 18

Novice Bodybuilding
1.Philippe Pyram (QC) 3
2.Feras Eid (Whitby, ON) 6

Novice Figure
1.Erin Pearce (Courtice, ON) 3
2.Heather Vaz (Mt. Albert, ON) 7
3.Sarah Ditchburn (St. Thomas, ON) 9
4.Mirjana Magee (Pickering, ON) 11
5.Sandy Trovato (Oshawa, ON) 15

Novice Physique
1.Samuel Akujieze (Brampton, ON) 4
2.Prosper Bayer (Montreal, QC) 7 tie-breaker
3.Philippe Pyram (QC) 7
4.Ben Neil (Smithville, ON) 12
5.Nathaniel Mckenzie (Scarborough, ON) 15
6.Tim Lowens (London, ON) 18
7.Dave Sellars (London, ON) 22
8.Kevin Claxton (London, ON) 23
9.David Roman (Toronto, ON) 27

Novice Bikini – Short
1.Chelsea Burke (Oro-Medonte, ON) 5 OVERALL
2.Tasha Hebert (Bowmanville, ON) 6
3.Melissa Ammendolea (Mississauga, ON) 8
4.Cathy Barry (Hampton, ON) 13 tie-breaker
5.Christina Salema (Woodbridge, ON) 13
6.Cristelle Flack (Ottawa, ON) 18

Novice Bikini – Tall
1.Darcy Cunningham (Bowmanville, ON) 4
2.Joan Ofulue (Ottawa, ON) 5
3.Stacey Burgess (Kitchener, ON) 10
4.Angela Paterson (Ajax, ON) 11
5.Allie Huerta (Montreal, QC) 15
6.Amy Lorenzin (Innisfil, ON) 18

Open Fitness Model
1.Roxi Izquierdo Yanez (Ottawa, ON) 3 New IDFA PRO
2.Lindsey Cancelliere (Oshawa, ON) 6

Open Bodybuilding
1.Pat Triolet (Amherstburg, ON) 3 New IDFA PRO
2.Sylvio Camilleri (Oshawa, ON) 6
3.Ramon Fodor (Toronto, ON) 10
4.Seongheum Baek (Toronto, ON) 11

Open Figure
1.Heather Vaz (Mt. Albert, ON) 5 New IDFA Pro, tie-breaker
2.Lindsey Cancelliere (Oshawa, ON) 5
3.Sarah Ditchburn (St. Thomas, ON) 8

Open Physique
1.James Bullock (New Lowell, ON) 3 New IDFA PRO
2.Jong Hyun Song (Brian) (North York, ON) 6
3.Seongheum Baek (Toronto, ON) 9

Open Bikini
1.Jenn Pike (Keswick, ON) 3 New IDFA PRO
2.Olivia Canlas (Vancouver, BC) 7
3.Marissa Cusi (Brampton, ON) 8
4.Magalie Pinel (Kingston, ON) 11

PRO Fitness Model
1.Sonia Bradette (St-Colomban, QC) 4
2.Deanna Farinacci (St. Cahterines, ON) 5

PRO Bodybuilding
1.Matthew McDonald (Toronto, ON) 3
2.Pat Triolet (Amherstburg, ON) 6

PRO Figure
1.Kenesha Stinchcombe (Toronto, ON)  3
2.Heather Vaz (Mt. Albert, ON) 6

PRO Physique
1.David Jelski (Milton, ON) 3
2.Dennis Butler (London, ON) 6

PRO Bikini
1.Roxi Izquierdo Yanez (Ottawa, ON) 3
2.Melanie Harness (Guelph, ON) 6

Scoring is done by ranking each competitor. Ranking is done by comparing the physiques of each competitor of each class and ranking them from highest to lowest. The best competitor should be assigned a rank of 1, the next highest competitor should get a rank of 2, and so on.
The highest and lowest rank for each competitor is discarded as a safeguard against favouritism and to protect against human error. The remaining scores are added, and the lowest total receives first place in the class. Second lowest total receives 2nd place, and so on. If a tie results, the competitor who was ranked highest among the tied competitors by a majority of all judges receives the highest placement.



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