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IDFA 97: Prairies RESULTS – June 4, 2016

IDFA 97: Prairies Results

PHOTOS from IDFA 97: PRAIRIES >>> Photos from IDFA 97: Prairies

Transformation Challenge

Winner – Sharon McCullough (Langenburg, SK) – $250.00 cash

Carrie Baldwin (Ste. Agathe, MB), Kim Bamburak (Winnipeg, MB), Sharon McCullough (Langenburg, SK), and Tanya Readman (Winnipeg, MB)

Masters Fitness Model
1.Giselle Kahoot (Ear Falls, ON) 3

Masters Bodybuilding
1.Ryan Gibb (Winnipeg, MB) 3

Masters Figure
1.Sharon McCullough (Langenburg, SK) 4
2.Giselle Kahoot (Ear Falls, ON)      7 tie-breaker
3.Tanya Readman (Winnipeg, MB) 7

Masters Bikini
1.Colleen Mitani (Winnipeg, MB) 3

Novice Fitness Model
1.Sylvanna Luong (Winnipeg, MB)         3
2.Amanda Kozakevich (Winnipeg, MB) 7
3.Olana Wach (Brandon, MB)         8
4.Giselle Kahoot (Ear Falls, ON)    13
5.Kim Bamburak (Winnipeg, MB) 14

Novice Bodybuilding
1.Phu Tran (Winnipeg, MB)    3
2.Les Taylor (Winnipeg, MB) 7
3.Ryan Gibb (Winnipeg, MB) 8

Novice Figure
1.Sylvanna Luong (Winnipeg, MB)         3
2.Amanda Kozakevich (Winnipeg, MB) 9 tie-breaker
3.Denisa Gavan-Koop (Winnipeg, MB)  9
4.Sharon McCullough (Langenburg, SK) 11
5.Tanya Readman (Winnipeg, MB)          13

Novice Physique
1.Brenden Cowan (Plumos, MB) 5
2.Jeremy Haines (Ste-Anne, MB) 8
3.Corey Andrysiak (East St Paul, MB) 9 tie-breaker
4.Phu Tran (Winnipeg, MB) 9
5.Aamir Kureshi (Winnipeg, MB) 14
6.Les Taylor (Winnipeg, MB) 18

Novice Bikini
1.Olana Wach (Brandon, MB)    4
2.Emily Taylor (Winnipeg, MB) 5
3.Colleen Mitani (Winnipeg, MB) 11
4.April Torralba (Winnipeg, MB) 14 tie-breaker
5.Siera Ens (Winnipeg, MB)          14
6.Santana McKay (Winnipeg, MB) 18
7.Carrie Baldwin (Ste. Agatha, MB)        23 tie-breaker (3)
8.Morgan Pull (Warren, MB)                   23
9.Stephanie Beauchamp (Warren, MB) 23

Open Fitness Model
1.Victoria Leclaire (Niverville, MB)         3 New IDFA Pro
2.Jules Charbonneau (Wawanesa, MB) 7
3.Kayla Peetsma (Niverville, MB)           8

Open Bodybuilding
1.Dino Camire (Ste Agathe, MB)                 4 New IDFA Pro
2.James Edye-Rowntree (Winnipeg, MB) 5
3.Rueben Doerksen (Shilo, MB)                  9

Open Figure
1.April Klippenstein (Winnipeg, MB)     3 New IDFA Pro
2.Jules Charbonneau (Wawanesa, MB) 7
3.Giselle Kahoot (Ear Falls, ON)             8

Open Physique
1.Daniel Sorokowski (Winnipeg, MB) 3 New IDFA Pro
2.Trevor Kouritzin (Winnipeg, MB)    6

Open Bikini
1.Amanda Kozakevich (Winnipeg, MB) 4 New IDFA Pro
2.Kayla Peetsma (Niverville, MB)            5

Scoring is done by ranking each competitor. Ranking is done by comparing the physiques of each competitor of each class and ranking them from highest to lowest. The best competitor should be assigned a rank of 1, the next highest competitor should get a rank of 2, and so on.
The highest and lowest rank for each competitor is discarded as a safeguard against favouritism and to protect against human error. The remaining scores are added, and the lowest total receives first place in the class. Second lowest total receives 2nd place, and so on. If a tie results, the competitor who was ranked highest among the tied competitors by a majority of all judges receives the highest placement.


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