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IDFA 106: UNIVERSE (Amateur & Pro) RESULTS – December 10, 2016

IDFA 106: UNIVERSE (Amateur & Pro) Official Results

PHOTOS from IDFA 106 >>> PHOTOS from IDFA 106: UNIVERSE on December 10, 2016

Transformation Challenge

Winner – Glenn MacDonald (Barrie, ON) – $250.00 cash

Angela Hickey (Egbert, ON), Artur Kyrcz (Toronto, ON), Donna Smith (Lower Sackville, NS), Glenn MacDonald (Barrie, ON), Jodi Nicholson (Minesing, ON), Karen Johnston (Elmvale, ON), Kyle Lepage (Barrie, ON), Laura Summers (Orleans, ON), Linda Carpanzano (Maple, ON), Marlena Amaral (Hamilton, ON), Nadia Cave (Binbrook, ON), and Trevor Richie (London, ON)

Masters Fitness Model
1.Angie Shiner (Barrie, ON)             5
2.Tami Knight (Barrie, ON)             7 tie-breaker
3.Rose-Anne Vieira (Oshawa, ON) 7
4.Dina Martins (Pickering, ON)      12
5.Rose-Anne Tedford (Frankville, ON) 16
6.Marie-Louise Trombetta (Manotick, ON) 18
7.Michelle Robles (Etobicoke, ON)  20

Masters Bodybuilding
1.Ramon Fodor (North York, ON) 3
2.Scott Tedford (Frankville, ON)   5
3.Dwight Nelson (Vaughan, ON)   9

Masters Figure
1.Rose-Anne Vieira (Oshawa, ON)       3
2.Kimberley Lefort (Fredericton, NB) 7
3.Linda Patton (Oshawa, ON)               8
4.Donna Smith (Lower Sackville, NS) 12

Masters Physique
1.Scott Tedford (Frankville, ON) 3
2.Chris Knight (Barrie, ON)         6
3.Dwight Nelson (Vaughan, ON) 9
4.Ian Darabie (Toronto, ON)       12
5.Edward Lynn (Maple, ON)       15

Masters Bikini
1.Dina Martins (Pickering, ON)              3
2.Rose-Anne Tedford (Frankville, ON) 6
3.Marie-Louise Trombetta (Manotick, ON) 10
4.Angela Hickey (Egbert, ON)                         11

Novice Fitness Model
1.Nancy Bonnieul (Gatineau, QC) 5
2.Angie Shiner (Barrie, ON)     6
3.Lauren Coles (Toronto, ON) 7
4.Tami Knight (Barrie, ON)        12
5.Dina Martins (Pickering, ON) 15
6.Tawnya Rampersad (Petawawa, ON) 20
7.Alicia Mogent (Brampton, ON) 24
8.Bambi Gray (Petawawa, ON)    25
9.Rose-Anne Tedford (Frankville, ON) 26
10.Meghan Murray (Oshawa, ON)         29
11.Katia Caron-Boutin (Notre-dame-des-Prairies, QC) 30

Novice Bodybuilding
1.Scott Tedford (Frankville, ON)      3
2.Thomas Bidzinski (Toronto, ON) 7
3.Darius Antia (North York, ON)     8
4.Trevor Richie (London, ON)          12

Novice Figure
1.Lauren Coles (Toronto, ON)      3
2.Stefanie Bond (Baltimore, ON) 7
3.Linda Patton (Oshawa, ON)      10
4.Kimberley Lefort (Fredericton, NB) 11
5.Brandy Diabo (Kahnawake, QC)       14

Novice Physique
1.Eduino Jr Casinha (Toronto, ON) 5 tie-breaker
2.Paul Davidson (Mississauga, ON) 5
3.Scott Tedford (Frankville, ON) 8
4.Ian Darabie (Toronto, ON) 14
5.Artur Kyrcz (Toronto, ON) 15
6.Alex Raposo (Toronto, ON) 16

Novice Bikini
1.Veronica Mach (Pierrefonds, QC) 3
2.Christine Lynas (Barrie, ON)        8
3.Tawnya Rampersad (Petawawa, ON) 10
4.Jenn Pike (Keswick, ON)        13 tie-breaker
5.Bambi Gray (Petawawa, ON) 13
6.Taylor Small (Bowmanville, ON) 16
7.Katia Caron-Boutin (Notre-dame-des-Prairies, QC) 23 tie-breaker
8.Kristina Mehak (Lindsay, ON)             23
9.Rose-Anne Tedford (Frankville, ON) 26
10.Laura Summers (Orleans, ON)          30

Open Fitness Model
1.Amanda Saffoli (Rockland, ON)    3  New IDFA Pro
2.Rose-Anne Vieira (Oshawa, ON)  5
3.Linda Carpanzano (Maple, ON)   9
4.Kristina Mehak (Lindsay, ON)     12
5.Michelle Robles (Etobicoke, ON) 15

Open Bodybuilding
1.Matthew McDonald (Brampton, ON) 3  New IDFA Pro
2.Yannick Charland (Blainville, QC)      6
3.Jason Anaka (Yarmouth, NS)               8
4.Ramon Fodor (North York, ON)    13 tie-breaker
5.Fernando Gouveia (Toronto, ON) 13
6.Stas Mazur (Brampton, ON)          17

Open Figure
1.Vanessa Dominquez (Toronto, ON) 3  New IDFA Pro
2.Judith Lombardo (Montreal, QC)    7
3.Rose-Anne Vieira (Oshawa, ON)     8

Open Physique
1.Shane DeGeus (Ancaster, ON)  4  New IDFA Pro
2.Tremayne Howe (Halifax, NS) 5

Open Bikini
1.Lindsey Moffitt (Toronto, ON) 3  New IDFA Pro
2.Anessa Le (Woodbridge, ON)  6
3.Linda Carpanzano (Maple, ON)       9
4.Catherine Venne (Mascouche, QC) 12

PRO Fitness Model
1.Josee-Ann Lefebvre (Macouche, QC)            3  $250.00 Cash
2.Joanie Gagnon (St-Charles-Borromie, QC) 6

PRO Bodybuilding
1.Frank Apuzzo (Toronto, ON)        3  $250.00 Cash
2.Nathan Nesdoly (Kingston, ON) 6

PRO Figure
1.Karine Cote (Laval, QC)                      3  $250.00 Cash
2.Amanda Kozakevich (Dugald, MB) 6

PRO Physique
1.Jason Anaka (Yarmouth, NS) 3  $250.00 Cash

PRO Bikini
1.Mylene Vallieres (Mascouche, QC) 4  $250.00 Cash
2.Amanda Kozakevich (Dugald, MB) 5

Scoring is done by ranking each competitor. Ranking is done by comparing the physiques of each competitor of each class and ranking them from highest to lowest. The best competitor should be assigned a rank of 1, the next highest competitor should get a rank of 2, and so on.
The highest and lowest rank for each competitor is discarded as a safeguard against favouritism and to protect against human error. The remaining scores are added, and the lowest total receives first place in the class. Second lowest total receives 2nd place, and so on. If a tie results, the competitor who was ranked highest among the tied competitors by a majority of all judges receives the highest placement.


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