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Shaun Campbell Coaching

Today is the Day!  I am taking on 10 beginners who have always dreamed of competing and helping them make it happen!  I’ll personally work with you online for 12 weeks and get you in your best shape ever for one of our Online Competitions on May 15 or June 5. Having a definite goal is very important to your success!

No matter what your experience level we have a division for you in our competitions. We have the Transformation Challenge, Natural Bodybuilding, Men’s Physique, Figure, Fitness Model, and Bikini. Plus we have all levels from beginner to Pro. Whatever starting point and goal you have I can get you ready to compete.

Contact me to sign up / commit / register at

I have been in the fitness business for over 25 years doing personal training / coaching, bodybuilding contest judging, competition promotion, and competing naturally (my complete Contest History is below). Plus for the past 15 years I have been running the International Drug Free Athletics (IDFA) which is a natural bodybuilding organization that I founded in 2005.

I want to help you make competing a REALITY not a DREAM. 

You can do this!!! 

12 WEEK Program for $699.00

  • Custom Workout Plan / Program – I will customize a workout for you based on your goal, experience, time availability, and equipment availability.
  • Nutrition Guidelines – I will put together and help adjust your nutrition guidelines / recommendations on a weekly basis in order to reach your goal.
  • Weekly Accountability Check-ins – I will be in touch with you every week to monitor and gauge your progress and adjust your nutrition and workout plans accordingly to ensure that you continue to progress towards your goal. Check-ins will include such things as body weight / body measurements, workout log review, nutrition log review, photos and/or video.
  • Specific Goal Date – You will have a goal date of one of our upcoming online competitions: May 15 – 2021 IDFA Online Provincials / Canadian Nationals or June 5 – 2021 NAW International Cup Online. NOTE: Included in the $699.00 fee you will be entered into the Online Competition in 1 class (estimated cost of $200.00). If you enter an additional class you will be charged an extra 50.00 per additional class.

Awards and Certifications:

  • Humber CollegeFitness Leadership Certification with Honours
  • National Gym Association (NGA)Pro Natural Bodybuilder
  • World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF)Pro Masters Natural Bodybuilder
  • Canadian Fitness Professionals IncCertified Personal Training Specialist
  • Canadian Fitness Professionals IncCertified Nutrition and Wellness Specialist
I have been on 2 Magazine Covers (Beyond Fitness), and wrote and modelled for many workout articles (Beyond Fitness and Inside Fitness Magazine (IFM)).

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Check out Shaun’s YouTube Playlist. The above video is the most recent video on this playlist.

Shaun Campbell’s Contest History

  • 2000 NGA Can/Am – 1st
  • 2001 NGA Rochester – 2nd
  • 2001 NGA Can/Am – 1st (top Canadian, earned NGA PRO CARD)
  • 2001 NGA Olympus PRO Show – 7th
  • 2005 NGA Can/Am – Guest Poser
  • 2006 IFBB Ontario Naturals – 1st
  • 2006 IFBB Canadian Naturals – 2nd
  • 2006 IFBB North Americans – 2nd
  • 2007 IFBB Canadian Naturals – 2nd
  • 2007 IFBB North Americans – 4th SEE ROUTINE
  • 2016 IDFA Universe – Guest Poser SEE ROUTINE
  • 2017 INBF/WNBF Iron Eagle – 1st Open Bantamweight
  • 2017 INBF/WNBF Iron Eagle – 1st Over 40 Masters
  • 2017 DFAC Buffalo – 2nd Over 40 Masters
  • 2017 OCB Liberty State – 5th Open Lightweight
  • 2017 OCB Liberty State Natural – 2nd Over 40 Masters
  • 2018 OCB New York State Naturals – 3rd Open
  • 2018 OCB New York State Naturals – 3rd Over 40 Masters
Shaun’s Posing Routines and related.

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