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IDFA 142 Athletes Meeting and Check-In

Athletes Meeting

I want to welcome you to the IDFA 142: BC Natural Bodybuilding Championships.   You should be very proud of yourself for not only making it to the stage but also doing it naturally.  I have talked to most of you on email and / or social media but let me introduce myself.  My name is Shaun Campbell and through my passion of competing naturally I started up the IDFA back in 2005.  Without athletes like you these shows wouldn’t be taking place. I appreciate all your support and belief in the IDFA. Whether you have been competing in the IDFA for years or are new to the sport your support means a lot.

The show is going to run smoothly and be as stress free as possible.  All of your hard work and sacrifice is over.  This is your day to take it all in and shine on stage.  It takes a special, or crazy lol, person to make it to the stage.  There is nothing left to do other than show off your hard work.  Enjoy every moment on stage.

Here is the Order of Events for the show





Order after Intermission is the same for the Awards

We will go through each class in the order it is listed and follow the Judging Rounds as listed in the rules and regulations.  Here are some quick links to the division (s) you are in.

Men’s Physique
Fitness Model

Follow the call outs from the Head Judge and you will be fine.   And remember to relax and enjoy the moment.  You worked your ass
off for this you deserve your time on stage.

After all the judging rounds are complete there will be a 20 minute intermission.  Feel free to go out to the lobby to take pics with friends, family, and supporters.  They want to share this moment with you as well.  Make sure to take a lot of photos.  And if you post them on social media please tag me @IDFAnatural (Instagram).

After intermission we will have the Presentation / Posing round and Awards.  Follow these links below to see what is expected of you during the presentation / posing round for your division (s).

Men’s Physique
Fitness Model

The awards will be handed out to the top 5 on stage at the show.   We will place everyone but officially announce are top 5 at the event.    Follow the direction of the awards presenter as they will place a medallion around your neck at the appropriate spot on the front line of the stage.  We will place you all in order from 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st.   Then we will take a photo of the Top 5, then Top 3, then with the Winner.  This is how we will do the awards for all the classes.

For every division we will bring out all the class winners for a photos.   For example, in the Novice division we will have a fitness model, bodybuilding, figure, physique and bikini class winner.   We will take a photo of all of these winners together.

After all of the awards are done the show is over.  And it is time to eat… lol.  Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard and followed through with their journey to compete.

Check-in Process:

You will pick up your assigned Competitor Number.  Numbers are assigned in alphabetical order of the athletes first names.   The
competitor number will be worn on your posing attire on the left side or left hip.  If you are in more than one class or division you will keep the same number for every class and division you are in.

Next you will pick up an IDFA Tote bag and fill it up.  Take one of each of the samples that have been provided from our sponsors and supporters.  Every one receives an official IDFA Tee and an IDFA wrist band as well.

Once you have everything you are free to go.

The backstage will be open to the athletes no later than 12:30 pm.  If it is ready earlier we will notify all the athletes.  If you wish to
have someone come backstage with you as a helper or coach they will require a ticket.  Once they purchase a ticket we will give them a wrist band that combined with a ticket gives them access to the backstage.  The only people backstage without tickets / wrist bands are the athletes and volunteers.  Anyone else backstage will require proof of a ticket.

See you all on stage!

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