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Weight Room Etiquette: The Unwritten Rules

Weight Room Etiquette: The Unwritten Rules


1. Be considerate, the gym is available to all members.

2. Be neat, put your weights back in there correct place when you are finished with them. Make sure to unload all weights off the machines when you are finished. Wipe down equipment if you left a sweat or water stain.

3. Be thoughtful, if you are not sure if a piece of equipment is being used ask whom ever is near by. If the equipment seems to be available use it but be prepared to share.

4. Be kindhearted, let others work in with you.

5. Be patient, never interrupt someone when they are performing an exercise. Wait until he/she is done.

6. Be efficient if you ask to work in. Do your set and then move out of the way quickly so the other person can perform their set. If you know you are going to be long on the equipment wait to use it after the other person is done with it. When sharing equipment you should only be long enough between sets for proper rest.

7. Be smart, use equipment for what it is designed for. For example don’t take up the squat rack for doing barbell curls. Unless the gym is not busy and no one is using the squat rack for its intended purpose.

8. Be respectful, if someone is using a mirror as a guide for correct form don’t stand in front of them disrupting their view.

9. Be clean, wipe down equipment and benches you have used.

10. Be discreet, don’t offer advice. You may know what you are doing that doesn’t mean you know what they are doing. Some people will take offence to this. If they want advice they will ask.

11. Be courteous, don’t socialize on the equipment. If you want to chat move out of the way of the other lifters.

12. Be observant, don’t do your exercises in the path way of the weight rack. Always make room so people can reach the equipment they wish to use.

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