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IDFA 100: Internationals (Amateur & Pro) Results – August 20, 2016

IDFA 100: Internationals (Amateur & Pro) Official Results

PHOTOS from IDFA 100 >>> PHOTOS from IDFA 100: Internationals

Transformation Challenge

Winner – Melissa Kesserling (Toronto, ON) – $250.00 cash

Edward Lynn (Maple, ON), Jennifer Green (Hamilton, ON), Jillian Janzen (St. Catherines, ON), Kyle Bagley (Mulmur, ON), Lori Smillie (Mulmur, ON), Melissa Kesserling (Toronto, ON), Michelle Hille (Oshawa, ON), Nicole Emmonds (Barrie, ON), Vanessa Dominquez (Toronto, ON), Jason Vassell (Brampton, ON), Stephen Robinson (Innisfil, ON), and Andrea Gradon (Innisfil, ON)

Masters Fitness Model
1.Isabelle Lombardo (St. Jerome, QC)  3
2.Dina Martins (Pickering, ON)             8 tie-breaker
3.Rose-Ann Vieira (Prince Albert, ON) 8
4.Ivy Kana (Barrie, ON)                           12
5.Tanya Readman (Winnipeg, MB)       15

Masters Bodybuilding
1.Charles Duffy (Toronto, ON)     4
2.Dwight Nelson (Vaughan, ON) 5

Masters Figure
1.Heather Smith (Minesing, ON)            3
2.Rose-Ann Vieira (Prince Albert, ON) 6
3.Maria Melo (North York, ON)       10
4.Tanya Readman (Winnipeg, MB) 13
5.Michelle Hille (Oshawa, ON)         14

Masters Physique
1.Dwight Nelson (Vaughan, ON)    4
2.Ian A. Darabie (Toronto, ON)      5
3.Stephen Robinson (Innisfil, ON) 9
4.Edward Lynn (Maple, ON)           12

Masters Bikini
1.Heather Keyzers (Bowmanville, ON) 5 tie-breaker
2.Ivy Kana (Barrie, ON)                           5
3.Dina Martins (Pickering, ON)             8

Novice Fitness Model – Short
1.Christine Pilon (Bowmanville, ON) 3
2.Shannon Jacobs (Courtice, ON)      6
3.Rose-Ann Vieira (Prince Albert, ON) 9
4.Dina Martins (Pickering, ON) 13
5.Ivy Kana (Barrie, ON)               14
6.Tanya Readman (Winnipeg, MB) 18

Novice Bodybuilding
1.Matthew McDonald (Brampton, ON) 3
2.Kyle Bagley (Mulmur, ON)                   6

Novice Figure
1.Vanessa Dominquez (Toronto, ON) 3
2.Heather Smith (Minesing, ON)        6
3.Shannon Jacobs (Courtice, ON)       8
4.Samantha Allison (Oshawa, ON)    13
5.Palmira Parete (Woodbridge, ON) 15
6.Maria Melo (North York, ON)         18
7.Tanya Readman (Winnipeg, MB)   21

Novice Physique
1.Tyrone Manu (Toronto, ON)    3
2.Dustin Aliberti (Toronto, ON) 6
3.Shane Degeus (Ancaster, ON) 9
4.Alex Abramov (Mississauga, ON) 13
5.Ian A. Darabie (Toronto, ON)   14
6.Jason Vassell (Brampton, ON) 18

Novice Bikini
1.Rebecca Feng (Toronto, ON)             3
2.Jessica Harness (Port Hope, ON)    5
3.Jillian Janzen (St. Catherines, ON) 7
4.Ivy Kana (Barrie, ON)                  11
5.Jennifer Green (Hamilton, ON) 15
6.Andrea Gradon (Innisfil, ON)    18

Open Fitness Model
1.Ina Todorova (North York, ON)             4  New IDFA Pro
2.Isabelle Lombardo (St-Jerome, QC)     7
3.Genevieve St Georges (Gatineau, QC)  8
4.Amanada Kozakevich (Winnipeg, MB) 11

Open Bodybuilding
1.Ryan Espinelli (Mississauga, ON)  3  New IDFA Pro
2.Tyrone Manu (Toronto, ON)          6
3.Charles McCormick (Williamsville, NY, USA) 9
4.Charles Duffy (Toronto, ON)        12
5.Mike Proszek (Mississauga, ON)  15
6.Jeffery Hsiung (Markham, ON)   18

Open Figure
1.Amanda Kozakevich (Winnipeg, MB) 3  New IDFA Pro
2.Caitlin Graup (Oshawa, ON)                 6

Open Physique
1.Jonathan Straker (Toronto, ON) 3  New IDFA Pro
2.Troy Hemeon (Yarmouth, NS)    6

Open Bikini
1.Ina Todorova (North York, ON)                4  New IDFA Pro
2.Neda Khan Mohammadi (Toronto, ON) 5

PRO Bodybuilding
1.Deon Myers (Ajax, ON)                    3  $250 cash
2.Alexander Fosty (Kirkland, QC)    6
3.Scott McDonald (Vancouver, BC) 9

PRO Figure
1.Nancy Rowsell (Selkirk, MB) 3  $250 cash

PRO Physique
1.Alexander Fosty (Kirkland, QC)                3  $250 cash
2.Emery Robichaud (Carleton Place, ON) 6

PRO Bikini
1.Christina Garcia (Pickering, ON)          3  $250 cash
2.Amanda Kozakevich (Winnipeg, MB) 6


Scoring is done by ranking each competitor. Ranking is done by comparing the physiques of each competitor of each class and ranking them from highest to lowest. The best competitor should be assigned a rank of 1, the next highest competitor should get a rank of 2, and so on.
The highest and lowest rank for each competitor is discarded as a safeguard against favouritism and to protect against human error. The remaining scores are added, and the lowest total receives first place in the class. Second lowest total receives 2nd place, and so on. If a tie results, the competitor who was ranked highest among the tied competitors by a majority of all judges receives the highest placement.


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